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What is The Sedona Method®

What Is The Sedona Method?

What is The Sedona MethodFor over forty seven years, hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide have been using The Sedona Method to let go of limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs that veil their inherent happiness and highest potential. It’s not a dogma, philosophy or new set of beliefs; it is a series of simple, practical tools and powerful questions for self-inquiry that empower you to gently dissolve self-imposed blocks and rediscover the real, unlimited you–and the ultimate happiness, joy and peace that are your essential nature.

You can choose to no longer be at the effect of your emotions, or stuck in life situations or problems that are not to your advantage. The Sedona Method book teaches you how to quickly and easily let go of anything holding you back from  emotional well being, financial success, improved relationships, radiant health and a greater sense of love in your life.

The Sedona Method iRelease App

Tim McCavitt and Annrika James developed the iRelease App to provide immediate releasing support 24/7. Whether a newcomer or experienced with The Sedona Method, the iRelease app is an easy, simple and gentle way to release on the spot and a supportive releasing buddy you can turn to whenever you need. It’s a great introduction to The Sedona Method that you can easily share with family, friends and associates. And it’s free!

The releasing audio tracks are in English with the addition of synched subtitles. Also featured are complete, accurate translations of all audio tracks subtitled in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Hindi. Convenient, perfect for rejuvenating breaks throughout your day, the guided audio tracks are 3-6 minutes in length.

To download, find out more about the App and read inspiring comments and reviews, Click here.

The Sedona Method: The Key to Financial Freedom, Healthier Relationships and Optimum Health

The Sedona Method helps with any issue in your life that has an emotional or psychological component. That means, if you have an uncomfortable feeling about something–frustration, anger, fear, grief, dislike, despair, sadness, you name it, or if you have unwanted thoughts and limiting beliefs–The Sedona Method can be used anytime, anywhere to dissolve the energy that is keeping you stuck.

The Sedona Method for Wealth and Success

If you desire to have greater success and financial freedom; if you want to move ahead in your career, or if you are already successful but it’s been a lot of work getting and staying there, The Sedona Method will show you how to let go and dissolve the blocks to having and enjoying effortless abundance and sustainable success.

“I had been feeling quite blocked about some action steps I need to take re goals. Now everything feels much lighter, the action steps look easy; much less loaded with effort and emotion. It’s so funny, looking back, how effortful things appear, but when I release, they are just so easy and straightforward; the way ahead is clearer now.” Ali W., Australia

“I use The Sedona Method daily. It has given me courage and peace through a business re-organization, handling a property that has been challenging to lease out, and a huge transition within my family.” Kim M., Colorado

“Just wanted to share a huge gain after the recent session: I feel abundant with what I have. This has always been a big issue for me; finally, I feel free and lighter. It’s one thing to talk about being abundant and grateful but it’s another thing to really experience it. And what a wonderful feeling it is to actually BE grateful and FEEL abundant. Thank you for being there for me.” Jerry L., California

The Sedona Method for Harmonious Relationships

Would you like your personal and business relationships to be more harmonious, fun, loving, and mutually rewarding? Are you open to having more honest, effective and natural communication? Discover how letting go allows for clear thinking, fluid teamwork and nurtures creative innovation and expression.

“I had a small car accident where a lady lost control of her car and hit mine. Not a lot of damage, but the response was to get mad. When I stepped from the car, mad, something happened. Suddenly I just naturally let go. It was like something inside said, “let it go” and when I got to the lady’s side, I wasn’t mad at all, in fact, I greeted her like nothing had happened, and asked her, “Are you ok?”, and we spoke very friendly while we called our insurance companies. Amazing how quickly releasing can work and improves the way you can go through life!” Rodrigo C., Mexico City

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our last session. I’ve been doing my best to allow and love others because they are the way they are, not so that they’ll change. My work peers and superiors are surprisingly kinder, happier and more loving towards me and also everyone else. It’s amazing how instant, contagious, radiant and simple true unconditional love is. I’ve never felt more safe and secure, even in such a competitive corporate work culture. My happiness and security is no longer dependent on my team or my bosses’ attitude towards me.”  J. S., Indonesia

“I felt a sense of spaciousness and peace throughout the seminar as I broke through feelings of self-consciousness and alienation. Feelings of guilt were released regarding my mum, and I now have a feeling of joy and love for her. I feel as though a weight has been dropped from me. My gratitude knows no end. Thank you.” Shelagh M., UK

The Sedona Method for Optimal Health

The Sedona Method will help you take the lack of ease—the “dis”—out of disease. Medical science now agrees that most illness has at least some emotional and psychological component. This is what The Sedona Method can help you dissolve. As you let go of the stress, anxiety, and frustration around the emotional, mental or physical challenges you are facing, you feel better and more relaxed. By feeling calmer, you are both supporting the body’s natural healing process and able and willing to take appropriate action as needed.

“Thank you so much for the seminar and the learning experiences you provided. As a beginner, the class was very inspirational for me. I have had arthritis in my back since age 12 and my body has not felt this at ease for a very, very long time.” Mark K., California

“Thanks for the great session. My medical issue is almost gone—99.5% of the way there. Your session was the primary tool!” Debi B., Arkansas

I saw my neurologist yesterday and he said I was totally normal in my exam, which I had not been one year ago. He couldn’t believe how much better I looked than last time he saw me! Thank you. Our sessions are so helpful.” S. K., California

My wife and I had one of the hardest mornings, if not the hardest thing we’ve ever experienced.  But, somehow, miraculously, we got the best news.  I feel like I invested so much energy into something that didn’t happen. I can’t believe this, but I’m so grateful.  I asked myself, “What’s the most powerful thing you can do?  Release.”  And I did throughout the hardest parts and then the good news came. Thank you again for a great releasing session yesterday!” Ryan A., Wisconsin

Please Note: The Sedona Method does not treat, diagnose, cure or advise about any medical condition; it addresses the psychological and emotional component associated with any medical condition. Please consult a medical professional regarding any health issues.

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