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We were fortunate to have met Lester Levenson, the founder and inspiration behind The Sedona Method, in New York City in the 1970’s, subsequently working with him for over 17 years. Initially, we were both in our twenties, dealing with the typical challenges we all face at that age, and becoming increasingly frustrated and disillusioned. Lester simply pointed out to us that the happiness and wellbeing we were seeking is within, not outside of ourselves. We resonated with what he said, “You are an unlimited, loving being — and that is just covered over. This is what you’ve been looking for. This is all you need to remove the limitations — and be what you are.” 

So, this simple, powerful, life-changing technique has been an integral and profound part of our lives ever since. As a result of welcoming life’s ups and downs we’ve been blessed with a wonderful life, both personally and professionally.

“Life in the world should consist of only two things: that which helps us grow and that which helps others grow.” ~ Lester Levenson

Since founding Sedona Releasing Worldwide in 2009 our attention has been singularly focused on supporting and helping others through teaching The Sedona Method in the U.S., Europe, England, Australia, Singapore and Japan. Although the pandemic has ‘retired’ us from traveling, our one-on-one coaching continues. We invite you to benefit from our 45 years experience, and actualize what Lester is pointing to: “Anything, no matter how impossible, can become completely possible, when we release fully.” 

Read just a few of the hundreds of testimonials and gains we’ve received from around the world regarding our Seminars, Private One-on-One Sessions and Free Support Calls:

Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

“Thanks to The Sedona Method and in particular you guys, I have fulfilled a lifetime dream of owning a property where I can have my beautiful horses living outside my house! I have let go of many core programs telling me that I could never achieve these things, that I did not deserve, was not worthy, was not good enough—and I used to believe them. I have now discovered that simply because I exist, I am worthy and deserve all of the goodness available. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your retreats, monthly calls and private sessions.” Carol K., Australia

So Glad We Did These Sessions

“Wonderful gains! I was planning to see my mom and dad after our first session and the trip turned out much better than I could have imagined. Then we did another session before my next visit with them and my brother and sister. That really helped and it was the best trip ever. We were all so much more in tune with each other, appreciative and kind. So glad we did these sessions, Annrika. We are all meeting for Thanksgiving this year with spouses and grand kids included. Happy to be with everyone.” Karen B., Texas

Problem Solved

“I’m releasing more frequently now and was able to solve a problem I had with the water supply in my house. In Cuba we have problems with the water supply and as it is a problem throughout the country I thought I could not solve it, but my neighbor found a solution that benefitted us too. We didn’t have to lift a finger! I am very grateful to The Sedona Method. Thank you for all that you do!” Indira B., Cuba

From Wanting to Figure it Out to Clarity

“Only a week since our session but I’ve experienced some great shifts. The release on clarity helped a lot. I had been thinking of cities to work remote in for months. Now I’ve picked a city and received a lot of coincidences and synchronistic winks from the universe I’m headed in the right direction. I had a casual relationship with someone I was on the fence about, and didn’t know if I should push it further or withdraw. It came to a mutual conclusion last week in a positive way. Because I was able to pinpoint my issue (wanting to figure it out), you helped a lot to release it. Thanks a lot, Tim!” Sean S., New York

Incredibly Liberating Support Call

I just wanted to say thank you. The call was very profound for me. In fact, what other callers released felt like my issues. When I decided to listen to the call live, I believe it was a big step to stand up and dare to talk, so everything was incredibly liberating for me and it was much easier feeling the support you both offer to the callers. I felt safe. I wanted to comment on that in case you didn’t realize how loving you are. Thanks for sharing all your skills in listening and helping others let go. And I really love the energy you create as a team. Love and the best of wishes,” Xiomara A., Mexico

Unconditional Love

“For the past 7 years I have been raising my son solo. It was an extremely challenging, painful experience that consumed my life. He has been struggling with addiction and destructive behavior; as his father I felt like it was my duty and responsibility to help him. But he just would not comply. I was a mess emotionally and physically; my relationship with him was filled with conflict and stress. Then I stumbled upon The Sedona Method. When I began releasing the feelings of wanting to control my son something amazing happened. It was so sudden and complete that I struggled to believe it was true. When I let go, a sense of peace and acceptance towards him showed up that I hadn’t felt for a long time. I experienced a feeling of unconditional love for him that I hadn’t felt since he was a baby. Now my relationship with him has never been better and he is starting to make healthier decisions for himself. I am forever grateful for Tim’s help and for The Sedona Method for giving me my son back.” Eric H., New Jersey

Once You Learn Releasing, It’s Yours

I feel I’ve let go of a lot of heaviness, grief and worry regarding my mother’s health. I can see my resistance regarding her more clearly with more acceptance, which is good for all concerned. This is the first Sedona Method course I‘ve taken in years, but I found it all came back easily. Once you learn releasing, it really can’t be unlearned. Great time, well spent.” Candace C., California


“When teens are enjoying life and making foolish mistakes, at that age I was looking, day and night, for something to relieve me from my suffering. I would be on computer all day. And in my head 24/7. I haven’t looked for another method once The Sedona Method  clicked 10 years ago. The brilliance, simplicity of The Sedona Method is beyond genius. No words can describe how grateful I am for these sessions. It’s been a pleasure to be in your company. With Love and Gratitude!” Rizwan K., India 

Hidden Pearls

“I wanted to thank you for all your support, guidance and training over the last couple years. It has filled me with much peace and clarity of a caliber I never thought feasible. I think back to our earliest sessions and still find hidden pearls of wisdom. You helped me more than you know and I just wanted you to know that. The journey is getting more still and quiet.” Michael D., Connecticut

Harmony in the Team and Beyond

“After the seminar, I am feeling a shift in the relationships with the people with whom I work. In my team, being the boss, there is much more peace and harmony, and when I must tell the members that something is not going well or give instructions, I am able to do so without criticizing or blaming. Previously there had been some conflicts between the team members and people outside the company who we work with; now there is a great harmony between them too.” Shin H., Japan

Fully Present and Loving

“The Seminar came at a time when my father was put into hospice. My goal was to be fully present and loving when with him prior to his death. Deep core issues of being “unlovable” related to our past interactions came up to be released…it was able to flow and was freeing. Also, as a physical therapist, I have suggested to patients they learn The Sedona Method to help them let go of the fear and resistance to recent diagnoses.” Robin S., Arizona

No More Fear about the Future

Annrika, well I must say that the past three weeks have truly been amazing. I kept releasing and I am more in the flow than I was ever before. I’ve had some truly amazing days filled with abundance and blessings. I feel really at peace, no more fear about the future. I try my best to stay in the moment and that has really changed everything. I’m feeling positive about everything in my life.

I have applied to the university. I also have the desire to do something creative. I used to do ceramics and out of the blue my friend with a ceramic studio said I can come do artwork there anytime. This wasn’t even on my goal list but I suppose that if something resonates from the heart it will happen.” Dan G., South Africa

The Results Were Amazing!

“After a few sessions with Tim, I went to a golf ‘tournament’ with my buddies. I started releasing the night before,  welcoming feelings regarding the following day’s event. I released when I was practicing, and welcomed any feelings at the beginning of every hole. I found myself very relaxed during the whole round, the outcomes of the shots didn’t affect me that much (just what every golf coach tells you). The results were amazing! Not only did I have one of the most enjoyable rounds ever, I had one of my best scores ever and won the first place prize. I definitely will incorporate releasing in every aspect of my life. I’d love to go through life as I went through that round of golf!” Rod C., Mexico 

What I Had Been Looking For For a Long, Long Time

“Thank you very much; I felt ease, tranquility… like I am already free and safe all the time. That made me extremely happy, and I felt this is what I had been looking for for a long, long time. I am continuing to release and I’m getting used to the quiet calmness. I really appreciate all your support and infinite love.” Riina Y., Japan

Turbo Boost

“Our sessions together are a great way for me to have the opportunity to let go more fully. It is so helpful to be reminded of other options and possibilities when I felt stuck. I really appreciate our time together. Having a session with you feels like we are giving The Sedona Method a turbo boost!” Liz A., Maryland

Changes in My Everyday Life

In only a few months of listening and using the workbook, but especially with the coaching of Tim McCavitt, I have seen changes in my everyday life. From losing the cravings to eat things that I shouldn’t, to the ability to fall asleep without the aid of pills, to feeling happier and more optimistic about the future, I feel that The Sedona Method has improved my life and I will continue to use it as a part of my daily routine. Thank you Tim and The Sedona Method.” Paul W., Brazil

Positive Impact on Work and Family

”Tim’s guidance and coaching with The Sedona Method have had a tremendous impact on my life. Being a small business owner and the primary source of income for my family, this calming effect has impacted me and my family in many positive ways.  I have been able to improve my focus on, and ultimately, the enjoyment of my work. It has helped me to calm my thoughts and emotions surrounding the ‘ups and downs’ of my industry, as well as individual transactions when clients struggle with the emotionally charged process of buying or selling their home.

Tim’s calm demeanor and subtle sense of humor is disarming. With each interaction, he instantly creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence. His familiarity with the processes and his ability to skillfully apply them is nothing less than masterful. I highly recommend his coaching of The Sedona Method!” ” Jay B., Realtor, New York

At Peace in a Greasy Garage

“I experienced a different level of releasing yesterday during my session with you, Annrika, and I’m still in a ‘different space’ today as a result. I’m sitting in a greasy garage at a dirty picnic table while our motor home is being worked on. I’m noticing that I’m not as uncomfortable as in the past, I’m enjoying the breeze coming through the door, and the shop odors don’t seem as overwhelming. I actually feel at peace to be here for what will be at least 8 hours. This will be my holiday weekend. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time for me; The Sedona Method has become a regular part of my life.” Renee D., Colorado

Teacher Releases — Students Respond

“The Sedona Method has had a very positive effect on my Italian classes. The class with 21 students went very well and I was happy to feel the positive energy and the dynamic surrounding us. Following your advice I did the Cleanup Process before and after and it helped a lot, especially to free me from the desire to control the experience of the students. I must say I had never seen them being so eager, motivated and never tired. During the class there was a beautiful cycle of energy and passion, and releasing while teaching I felt it increase even more. I am truly grateful for your wonderful guidance and sharing.” Mizuho H., Japan

Anxiety Disappears

“The feeling of anxiety around the future has disappeared; I feel I have more freedom! The need to be in action and the feeling I should be ‘doing’ something has disappeared. I realised just how focused I had been on my ‘problems’ whilst missing all the solutions, alternatives and the “space” that surrounds and supports me. I feel clearer, present and excited by the future.” Euan M., Australia

Greater Patience and Calmness

I’ve gained insight and perspective into The Sedona Method. I’ve gained first-hand experience with some of the nicest, genuine teachers in Tim and Annrika. I’ve “de-cluttered” many old files that have been open for years. There’s clarity on what has been holding me back in achieving certain goals. There’s patience and calmness which I hadn’t experienced before–not at this level anyway. I’ve gained simple tools and skills to use in everyday life!” Joe H., England

Released Years of Emotional Baggage

While living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I met Tim and Annrika. Over dinner one evening as I shared some feelings of frustration, they gently shared the basics of effortless freedom that The Sedona Method offers. What struck me instantly was that all of our feelings are the result of wants and the corresponding feelings of lack; that these wants are the very foundation and cause of suffering.

Annrika and I had regular coaching sessions by phone which facilitated the releasing of years of emotional baggage, tendencies and programs that restrained my ability to be happy. I diligently did the exercises and little by little became lighter and calmer.

I have tried many, many ways to address my emotions and faulty thinking over the years, and find The Sedona Method the simplest and most effective avenue to clarity and present awareness. I am eternally grateful to Tim and Annrika for their generous sharing and coaching of The Sedona Method.” Sara W., Therapist, California

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