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New Additions to Support Call Recordings Library!

Dear All, We’re pleased to announce that there are 14 new additions to our Support Call Recordings Library now available for listening, downloading and sharing. As always, the golden thread that runs through all the recordings is pure and simple releasing support with The Sedona Method. We will continue to add to the library periodically, so check back from time to time! “Thank you for your kind, helpful assistance once again. My last request was something I’ve ‘struggled’ with for a loooooong time. Perhaps the 5th/Free Way may be the most effective way to deal with affording myself permission to have rather than want. Thank you!” V. W., Queensland   “I want you to know what incredibly important work you are doing. Although I haven’t yet asked for assistance directly in the calls, […]

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iRelease App Upgraded; Now in Six Languages!

The iRelease App has been upgraded in the most wonderful and inclusive way! We are happy to announce the launch of a NEW upgraded version of our iRelease App available for downloading here: Android Version and iOS Version. Our intention is to bring The Sedona Method to the greatest number of people worldwide. This new version has the same Sedona Method releasing tracks as the original, with the addition of synched subtitles in English. Also included is the feature of complete, accurate translations of all audio tracks subtitled in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French and Hindi. We’ve also added more helpful information and links to Sedona Method resources to further support ongoing releasing.  And the App is still FREE!  Throughout the global challenge we are facing, […]

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iRelease App is 24/7 Support

Dear All, It’s wonderful that you’ve discovered the elegantly simple yet powerfulSedona Method!  And whether you’ve had it in your life for years now oryou’re brand new, perhaps you’ve noticed that having on-going accessible releasing support can really be beneficial.  That’s why we developed the free iRelease App: Guided Meditations toRelieve Stress and Increase Energy Instantly. To be there for you when youreally need it, to provide immediate support and guidance, quickly. It’s the“releasing buddy” you can turn to 24/7, and it’s a great introduction to TheSedona Method you can easily share with family, friends and associates. “This app helps in so many different situations…whether be it fear / anxiety,or goals or releasing resistance…and much more. The best one that I like is‘Start of the Day’ and ‘End of […]

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Have the Life You Want, Now

Dear All, Awakening to The Source of Abundance  In this fast paced, ever-changing, seemingly chaotic world we have a choice: to react automatically to what’s going on around us and be controlled by the thoughts and feelings that arise, or to let go. This may seem counter-intuitive as the tendency is to hold on in the hope that circumstances will change or go away–not only does this cause additional stress, it cuts us off from our natural courageousness and ability to take positive action. Releasing is the solution. The more you let go the better equipped you are to handle whatever is happening now in your life with confidence and ease. You will often find situations simply dissolving by themselves, as well as finding ways to support yourself […]

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Imagine Doing What You Love

Imagine doing what you love without criticism or limitation! Effortless Freedom – Los Angeles/Pasadena, California March 13, 14 & 15, 2015 “Naturally, life should be totally effortless. There is no effort in life whatsoever when we are just being our natural Self.” Lester Levenson Are you living a life that you love, or does it mirror the beliefs and attitudes of your parents, teachers, friends, society? Are you stuck in a familiar ‘comfort zone’, doing what you’ve always done and getting the same results? Imagine moving beyond these attitudes and beliefs, beyond the status quo, to discover and have the life that you choose, in alignment with your best and highest good. As children, and as adults, we like playing sports, or dancing, music, anything creative, because we are in the […]

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Love: The Universal Solvent

“Love is the answer to all problems. When there are problems, if we would love more, they would disappear. When the love is complete, the problem dissolves immediately.” “When one loves fully, one can have no concept of not being loved.” Lester Levenson Whether you have a special Valentine today or not, let the love that you are shine, completely and fully. This love is not something that has to be manufactured or needs a reason or condition to be experienced…it simply is. All one need do is open to it by being more interested in it than anything else! “Ok, fine,” you might be thinking…”just how do I do that?” Well, as with everything else in life that brings us closer to the Truth […]

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Simply Opening

Dear All, Opening to Love, Life, and Relationships – Pasadena, California February 21, 22 & 23, 2014 Living life from the perspective of being open to loving ourselves and our world as opposed to being closed to loving ourselves and our world, is profoundly liberating and joyous. Just simply opening! Explore for yourself, by just simply opening: how do you feel?…how does your world change?…how do you perceive others, and they you? We invite you to experiment with this simple Holistic Release throughout your day whenever you’re feeling closed (defensive, frustrated, fearful, reactive or stressed): “Could I allow myself to feel as closed to_______ as much as I do?” “Could I allow myself to be open to_______ as best I can?” Ask yourself back and forth a few times until […]

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The Sedona Method®: Tools and Coaching for the Free Throw Line of Life

hen I was a grade-schooler at a parochial school in Northern California my first basketball coach was a man named Jim Knecht. A kind man, he was short, wore glasses and despite a hunched back, was quite nimble. Though not a great physical specimen he had a strong interest in sharing what he knew about a game that he loved and was good at. He wasn’t forceful or arrogant; his style was gentle, tinged with lots of humor and plenty of hustle. He’d show us kids how to shoot a free throw. With his big hands on either side of the leather ball, he’d toe the free throw line, legs apart, knees bent, relaxed and confident. He’d twirl the ball in his hands and then flip it up […]

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How to Let Go: Regaining Your Natural Buddha Baby Abilities

If you are reading this and under the age of two, you are extraordinary! Under two years old and you can read! Wow! Most children two and under, universally, have no interest in reading, or anything, for that matter, other than being. They do exercise an ability, however, that is quite ordinary, quite natural to them (but either overlooked, forgotten or sought after by the giants around them): the babes naturally, intuitively, and constantly "know" how to let go. They are absolute masters on how to let go! If you've got kids or grandkids, and you've spent any time observing the 'littlies, you know what I mean. Feelings and sensations just pass through the little guys…there's no holding on, no resistance…they simply allow whatever is […]

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Road Trip Releasing Tip Revelation: Releasing IS Natural!

This acknowledgement and thank you came in not too long ago from Evie in Scotland, a recipient of our Road Trip Releasing Tips video series… A Big Thank You  Hi everyone and especially Tim and Annrika, A wee while ago I signed up to get email newsletters from Annrika and Tim. These contain videos of either Annrika or Tim giving some tips on releasing. In a recent one Tim gives some tips for newbies. I'm not a newbie, on this forum I'm a big talker, in fact,  but I found this tip to be just what I needed. Tim talks about how The Sedona Method is easy. I can't say I've always found it that way. He goes on to say that it's natural, that […]

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