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iRelease is a guided audio app to help you relieve stress and increase your energy instantly, wherever you are!

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Are you sick and tired of being run by your emotions?

Whether a newcomer or experienced with The Sedona Method, the iRelease app is an easy, simple and gentle way to release on the spot and a supportive releasing buddy you can turn to whenever you need.

Free Yourself from Unwanted Thoughts and Feelings

Releasing with The Sedona Method will help you free yourself from unwanted thoughts, feelings and patterns of behavior that have been robbing you of the life you aspire to.

You can live the vibrant, successful life you’ve always wanted by welcoming your natural ability to let go of those debilitating feelings of frustration, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, confusion and more…and let relaxation, aliveness, creativity, ease and happiness be your everyday experience. The more you listen to and follow these release processes, the more transformational and profound the results. Releasing is natural. The more you listen and practice, the more your natural ability to release as you live your life will awaken and deepen.

“Thank you for making this app available…it’s fantastic! I’m so grateful for this valuable tool; I benefit every time I use it!  I’m using the Relationship tracks to release on my relationship with myself; works really well and I feel closer to myself afterwards. Feels really good! This app is a keeper! ” Mette S., Denmark

“I just played the Stress Release track–in five minutes the recording brought me to a space of inner calm and quiet. I found the guides voices very soothing. This app is a steal for free and I’m grateful to have it!” Aakash B., India

“Your iRelease App saved my life. I was asked to do a PBS TV interview and went into abject terror; I tried everything and couldn’t release the fear. I opened your App to “Anxiety”…and in four minutes the fear was gone. I was able to sleep deeply the night before the interview and it was so much fun in the actual doing! Thank you so much for creating the App. It is really, really good.” Ann B., New Mexico

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The releasing tracks in this app address many of the areas of life that are important to us all. We recommend you take advantage of all the recordings offered, the eight starter tracks: (Start My Day, Anxiety, Stress, Self Acceptance, End of the Day, Addictions, Resistance, Goals,) and the three opt-in tracks, also free: ( Health, Relationships, Wealth). 

Achieve real and lasting results like these:

  • Enjoy higher self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Feel calm, centered and focused throughout your day
  • Stay positive and motivated towards your goals
  • Experience productive action with greater ease
  • Be more relaxed and confident in social situations
  • Open to supportive, harmonious personal and business relationships
  • Unwind naturally and get a good night’s sleep
  • Have greater peace of mind and an inner sense of well-being
Tim and Annrika have created an app that is so simple and easy to use. I used to listen to other releasing recordings to help me release and had to search for the appropriate track for a specific release. iRelease has made it so much easier now – everything in a simple app!” Sanjiv G., Australia
This is a truly incredible resource and feels accessible enough to share with friends, family and clients without them needing to have a deep understanding of The Sedona Method.” Claire F., Washington
The results with the iRelease app are amazing! Yesterday I practiced the “Stress” Release and the pain that was from the menstrual process was gone! Thank you.” Indira B., Cuba

All iRelease audio tracks Subtitled in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Hindi and English!

Convenient, easy listening, perfect for rejuvenating breaks throughout your day, the guided audio tracks are 3-6 minutes in length in either Annrika’s or Tim’s voice. The App pages and audio tracks are in English, including synched English subtitles, with the additional feature of choosing complete, accurate translations of all pages and audio tracks with synched subtitles in the following languages:  Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Hindi.  All the interpreters who contributed to best convey the releasing processes in their respective languages are Sedona Method practitioners, so there’s a heartfelt experiential familiarity in all their word choices.

As helpful and supportive as the iRelease app is, to truly support and accelerate your releasing progress we highly encourage you to consider a series of on-going one-on-one private sessions with us. The Sedona Method is indeed a do-it-yourself self help tool, designed for independent use…but we are here to support you along the way!

“Amazing! It is an important and valuable tool with releases on different topics; simply great! When you listen to the audio it is almost the same as a facilitator asking you directly. In addition, having the possibility of other languages and being able to see the subtitles in my native language, is so great! Thank you for such a gift for all of us who love The Sedona Method!” Carlo C., Spain

“I find iRelease one of the most helpful apps I have. I use it often. It helps me be more open to living life to the fullest. I can use it on any area in my life when I feel stuck. So grateful for this app.” Sam S., California

“iRelease is great! The audio allows me to release anytime, to let go of anxiety and tension, which is of great help to people who are busy. If you want to find your own safe and happy life, you can try releasing!” Shu L., China

“It is my morning meditation and helpful throughout my day when releasing on my own seems just too difficult. Many thanks, Annrika and Tim!” Z. A., Switzerland

Review It and Share It!

Considering the global challenges we are facing today, releasing is a powerful action we can all take moment to moment to uncover our own inner certainty and wellbeing. We invite you to make the most of the App and allow the transformative effect of releasing to support you, your loved ones, your community, and our world. These days present an incredible opportunity to move beyond limitation and separation, and open to a brighter future for all. 

We encourage you to share iRelease with those in your circle. Please leave a review about your experience with the App and releasing with The Sedona Method. Your App Store or Play Store reviews can inspire others to discover the ease and joy of letting go! 

This app is amazing! I use it everyday and it has completely changed my life for the better. It is a great way to get started with The Sedona Method and it is very easy to use. Now I have less stress in my life and more peace. I could not imagine my life without the Sedona Method and this app. Thank you!” Stephen A., California

Thank you Annrika and Tim for this awesome app!  I have been releasing almost every morning and every night for many years now on my own and it’s been life changing. This app though has been like a treat, to just be able to let someone else guide me through whatever is arising, right in that moment, even if I don’t know what it is (like some weird sensation in my gut that is stuck there, or the resistance that was stopping me from doing some things that I had to get done. I could not seem to move it… releasing on my own). So I started listening to your lovely voices and afterwards… I just started to do what I had to do. It was like magic…!!! This app is such a valuable gift that you have so generously given. Even those of us who have been doing the SM for years. Both of your voices sound so wonderful, so gentle, compassionate, nurturing, loving and there is a sense of being held in a confident, secure, solid state of spacious, unconditional Love and Acceptance. I also like how you have set the app up technically…. how you can find what you want and do it with ease… And lots of good info about the Method, releasing and how to use it…. for beginners and for everyone. Very well done!! Thank you… Thank you…. I highly recommend this app to anyone, whether you are unfamiliar with The Sedona Method and Releasing or an experienced SM releaser!!” Josephine L., Canada

I recommended your app to one of my daughters who was experiencing quite severe anxiety recently. She has been using it and said that it helps her a lot. So thank you for this wonderful gift that makes it so easy to pass on the Sedona Method to people in a format that is easy to use.” Ruki B., Australia

This app is phenomenal. After listening to it I would have paid $20, yet it’s free! I’ve had massive tension headaches and stress for awhile. This app allows me to ‘feel’ it which allows it to release. It’s the best app I’ve ever downloaded. Period!” Chad C., California

Click here to download the iRelease app (iOS Version – for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch only.)

Click here to download the iRelease app (Android Version). 

All iRelease Users (iOS or Android) please note: If you have a ‘sound’ issue with the app, the issue is a result of the device itself, not with the code or app function. Solutions include un-install / re-install, re-booting, and check to see that the ringer is ‘on’. Also, check that the phone hasn’t been inadvertently muted (mute button on lower left)! 

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