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The Art of Letting Go: A 3 Day Virtual Retreat

Dear All, We're pleased to announce a unique global event! Leading practitioners in Letting Go are coming together  Tuesday July 16th – Thursday July 18th, 2013 for: A 3 Day Virtual Retreat: The Art of Letting Go                  If you are interested in living free of limitation, letting go is the "how to." Letting go is the ageless, natural ability we  all have to discover the inner peace that we are, supporting ourselves, our loved ones, our world. We'll be sharing our perspective on: "Welcoming the Flow of Life" and exploring with you the simple and profound power of letting go with The Sedona Method. Here's some of what can be gained: A taste of how to let go with The Sedona Method […]

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The Sedona Method®: Tools and Coaching for the Free Throw Line of Life

hen I was a grade-schooler at a parochial school in Northern California my first basketball coach was a man named Jim Knecht. A kind man, he was short, wore glasses and despite a hunched back, was quite nimble. Though not a great physical specimen he had a strong interest in sharing what he knew about a game that he loved and was good at. He wasn’t forceful or arrogant; his style was gentle, tinged with lots of humor and plenty of hustle. He’d show us kids how to shoot a free throw. With his big hands on either side of the leather ball, he’d toe the free throw line, legs apart, knees bent, relaxed and confident. He’d twirl the ball in his hands and then flip it up […]

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Sedona Method Summer Coaching Special

It's the Season for Our Summer Coaching Special: Get 5 half-hour private coaching sessions with Annrika or Tim for only $325.00 (regularly $437.50). An additional complimentary consultation / session is also included for new clients. This special  offer is only available for purchase until July 31st! (No expiration date on the sessions). If you have the desire to deepen your practice of The Sedona Method, we invite you to make the commitment and give yourself an on-going  series of private one-on-one coaching sessions with us. The focus and dedication you put into your exploration and releasing can propel you to greater and greater levels of awareness, allowing for appropriate  action to flow into all areas of your life. No one can do it for you —  however, we are here to support you […]

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Ah, Summer! That time of year for all sorts of activities, sports and events: there's golf, tennis, picnicking, hiking, sailing, swimming, gardening, camping, sight-seeing and shopping, just to name a few. Our interests are so varied–seems like there's just so much to do and see, and we'll eagerly drive, fly, walk and cycle to get there! This summer, however, instead of looking to the rounds of golf, the days at the lake, the deluxe ten day cruise, or beachcombing at the seashore for satisfaction and enjoyment why not let the activity or event be an opportunity to release? We put off being relaxed and calm until we're in a setting that (in our minds, anyway) will do it for us. And, sometimes, the setting (or getting […]

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The Universality of It All, Again

  After taking part as a facilitator in our recent Sedona Method Seminars (Beyond Letting Go and Transforming Your World 2) in Sydney, Australia and London, England these past couple months, I am repeatedly struck by one thing that runs like a golden thread through all the stories and drama and struggle and suffering that are effortlessly and quickly dissolved by the folks who decide to "get themselves into the room" and join like-minded, like-hearted others in letting go. That one thing: just how universal it all is… Sure there are differences in people (age, language, skin tones, names, body types, personality, etc.), but the universal sameness is so undeniable. Feelings are the same…everywhere. And they are not facts…and they are not who we are…and we […]

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Emotional Health – A Little Loving Attention Goes a Long Way!

A healthy relationship with our emotions is key to emotional health. motions are natural to the body, yet how much attention do we give to how (or what) we are feeling throughout the day? Aren't we generally ignoring our feelings, or resisting them, or downright denying their existence by barreling through them most of the time? Neglecting our emotional health can be extremely detrimental to our overall physical health and well-being. Tension, fatigue, or stress, for example, if left unaddressed on an ongoing basis, can affect the natural functioning of the body, inhibiting the immune system and the body's innate ability to take care of itself. So, with our emotional health in mind, let's take a look at our relationship to our emotions and our […]

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