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Our Support Call Recordings Library


Here you’ll find a collection of Free Support Call Recordings, all available for your listening, downloading and sharing. The golden thread that runs through all the recordings is pure and simple releasing support with The Sedona Method. Typically, each call begins with a guided releasing process, followed by opening the floor for questions, sharing and requests for releasing assistance from either of us. Some recordings have a title, but you’ll find that there’s so much more here than what each title suggests. We add to this library periodically, so we suggest you check back for new additions from time to time. (New additions are always at the top of the track list).

So, whether a newcomer or experienced with The Sedona Method,  we invite you to ‘check out’ our Support Call Recordings Library. Just like the live monthly Support Calls themselves, these recordings are free. And if you aren’t already on our mailing list to receive timely Free Support Call announcements and dial-in information via telephone or Skype, please sign in on the Free Support Call opt-in box on our Support Call page. You can listen, download or share our Sedona Releasing Worldwide Support Call Recordings here as streaming audio (via SoundCloud):

  • February 9, 2022Free Support Calls: #1 11am PST & #2 6pm PST
AEC v1.0.4

Our Next Free Support Calls: February 9, 2022 11:00am PST & 6:00pm PST