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Words to a friend about his father passing

Dear Friend,

You and your Mum and brother have been in my thoughts a lot recently; I’ve felt inwardly supportive of you since hearing of your father’s sudden passing, knowing too that you’ve been receiving good guidance from Annrika. Still, I wanted to offer my heartfelt condolences—and acknowledge your father, your mum, your brother and you—and the strong love that you all have for one another. I was aware you were a pretty close family, but just how much has only been revealed with your father’s passing.
Yet, it seems there is more to it than just a close family, more like some spiritual bond or agreement, to live your lives inter-connected and in harmony (most of the time, anyway, right brothers? 🙂 ), but to also be there for one another, to embrace the roles you’ve chosen to play this lifetime to include pointing to and helping one another approach, and go through, the doorway to ultimate freedom.
It may not seem like that now, but this event, as bewildering and painful as it is, is a wonderful opportunity and gift, from the Father (in every sense of the word), playing out with the greatest love and compassion.
Knowing your father, mother, brother and you as I do, perhaps this would not be unfolding this way unless you were able to experience it on all levels, ready and capable of letting go of all that has been stirred up, no matter how it looks, with as much grace and ease as you can. There is no formula to ‘handle’ or ‘get through’ it—other than to simply allow it to be the way it is—and as lovingly and gently as possible, honor your process, and allow the feelings of grief, loss, confusion and separation to dissolve into the light that you are, that your father is. It could not have been “engineered” in a better, more perfect way…and as I write this I picture him smiling, nodding, with a twinkle in his eye! Your father and all he means to you will never diminish…and the love that is and has always been in your hearts can only continue to shine with the brilliance and strength of a thousand sons.
You continue to be in my thoughts and in my heart.
Lots of love,

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