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The Universality of It All, Again


After taking part as a facilitator in our recent Sedona Method Seminars (Beyond Letting Go and Transforming Your World 2) in Sydney, Australia and London, England these past couple months, I am repeatedly struck by one thing that runs like a golden thread through all the stories and drama and struggle and suffering that are effortlessly and quickly dissolved by the folks who decide to "get themselves into the room" and join like-minded, like-hearted others in letting go.

That one thing: just how universal it all is… Sure there are differences in people (age, language, skin tones, names, body types, personality, etc.), but the universal sameness is so undeniable. Feelings are the same…everywhere. And they are not facts…and they are not who we are…and we can let them go, welcome them, and allow them to dissolve! Our true nature as unlimited and boundless love shines through and becomes more and more obvious. All you need do is look through it all to what's actually here now. How simple…and what a relief! 

Annrika and I invite you to join us at one of our upcoming seminars, worldwide, as well as on our monthly free Support Calls...or on a private one-on-one coaching session. 

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