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The Simplicity and Power of “Yes!”


“Yes.” It’s such a simple word…and it holds such promise, such power. But for many of us, as little children, ‘yes’ was not our immediate answer or attitude–it was usually ‘no’. We rebelled and resisted things and people and circumstances–all part of seeing just how far our little ego could go. And so, saying ‘no’ to life became a constant inner directive and reaction. It continues to this day, sapping our energy, eroding our happiness, undermining even our best efforts.

Yet, this habit of inwardly saying ‘no’ can simply be let go…and when we do, we uncover the feeling of ‘yes’, the inner knowingness, courageousness and acceptance that allows our lives (and all life) to resound with that energetic confirmation: “Yes!” The results are manifold: aliveness, freedom to go into action, greater self confidence, intention and effortlessness.

The Australia Intensive in Brisbane is coming in October. We are pleased to be bringing the latest developments and processes of The Sedona Method one more time ‘down under’. We invite you to join fellow releasers ‘in country’ for this supportive, life-changing event. We invite you to support yourself and others–and say “Yes!”, “Yes!”, “Yes!”…and allow that life-affirming feeling to flow throughout all Australia, throughout your world, and beyond!

October 9-13, 2015
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Annrika James, Sedona Method Licensed Instructor
Tim McCavitt, Sedona Method Licensed Instructor
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