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The Key to Happiness

Dear All,

Join us in Brisbane, Australia for a Sedona Method Intensive!

Part 1: The Key to Happiness and Wellbeing, October 11-13, 2013 

Part 2: Acceleration with The 5th Way, October 14-15, 2013

There's a lot of talk about stress and its effects on our bodies and in our
lives and lots of evidence to support that, everywhere. Surprisingly, it
appears there's a lot less talk about the effect of inner happiness on our
bodies and our lives. So, let's explore that for a moment.

When you're happy and relaxed, how does your body respond? When
you're happy, how do you feel in the morning and at the end of your day?
When you're happy, how do you take care of yourself and your body?
How do you interact with others – your family, friends, co-workers – and
how does happiness effect your creativity and play? When we're happy,
don't we take everything less seriously – we're more understanding and 
compassionate? When we're happy, the events of the day seem to flow with
harmony and ease.

Letting go is the key to happiness. There's no 'getting' happiness, it's simply
uncovered every time we let go. This Intensive allows you to re-discover 
the source of happiness…and the more you let go, the happier you are, which
has a profound effect on you and your world.

Our gains flow from this inner happiness:
"For some years I was wondering how to introduce releasing to my six year
old son. I was also trying to support his school work, by turning everything
into games. One of the days while we played a math game he was impatient
and did not like to continue. In fact he told me that he does not love me. I 
immediately replied, "I love you". From that point, every time he misbehaved 
I replied, "I love you". In no time he was laughing and giggling and of course,
cooperative. Love transformed both of our struggle into harmony. The following 
time we played he was suddenly laughing. When I asked him why he was laughing,

he replied, "because you told me 'I love you'." G. S., Hong Kong

For complete details about this powerful Intensive, daily schedule, venue 
information, and to register, (Early Bird Prices until July 31st), visit:
 Australia Intensive 2013

Warm regards,

Annrika and Tim
Annrika James and Tim McCavitt
Licensed Instructors and Certified Coaches
Sedona Releasing Worldwide
P.O. Box 225
Sedona AZ 86339

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