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Support Call Recordings Library has 30+ New Additions!

Dear All,

We’re pleased to announce that there are 30 new additions to our Support Call Recordings Library now available for listening, downloading and sharing. As always, the golden thread that runs through all the recordings is, pure and simple, releasing support with The Sedona Method. We will continue to add to the library periodically, so check back from time to time!

“Thank you for a beautiful releasing support call. Since attending the retreat in Brisbane and having the experience of group releasing these calls make much more sense to me. I can sense the power of them. Thanks for providing an opportunity for me to release along  with others.” Liz P., Australia

“I enjoy the great value given with the Support Calls. Your team approach is unique and fun!” Jim R., California

“Thank you so much for making these available!! The more I listen and follow along, the more releasing is becoming the norm for me. I feel myself opening to Life in a whole new way!” Gisele L., NY

Whether a newcomer or an experienced releaser, we invite you to avail yourself of our Support Call Recordings Library. Just like all our lively monthly Support Calls, these recordings are free!

The Library is meant to give you a releasing resource you can combine with your daily releasing, covering many of the topics we experience in our changing and challenging world.

Of course, we will continue to record and send out the latest monthly Support Call recording(s) to all on our mailing list within 24 hours of the calls.

Wishing you all the very best of health and happiness! 


Annie and Tim

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