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Ah, Summer! That time of year for all sorts of activities, sports and events: there's golf, tennis, picnicking, hiking, sailing, swimming, gardening, camping, sight-seeing and shopping, just to name a few. Our interests are so varied–seems like there's just so much to do and see, and we'll eagerly drive, fly, walk and cycle to get there!

This summer, however, instead of looking to the rounds of golf, the days at the lake, the deluxe ten day cruise, or beachcombing at the seashore for satisfaction and enjoyment why not let the activity or event be an opportunity to release? We put off being relaxed and calm until we're in a setting that (in our minds, anyway) will do it for us. And, sometimes, the setting (or getting there) doesn't quite turn out to be as we planned: late night revelers next door, mosquitoes, bad food, poor service, no hot water or a/c, traffic, excessive heat, mis-behaving kids, delays, lost wallets, slips and falls, tooth and tummy aches, road works and wrong turns. Occurrences that can, as we say, "ruin my whole day." So, why not this summer allow yourself to have the best summer yet by deciding to let go, to welcome, every feeling, sensation and thought that pops up before, during and after each day's activities. Welcome the resistance…and then welcome the acceptance. Welcome the resistance…and then welcome the flow.


Instead of settling for just a good score or an island getaway, why not create a releasing momentum that finds you calm and relaxed not because of where you are or what you are doing, but regardless of where and what. You'll find it immensely rewarding! Here's a gain I recently received from a coaching client that illustrates the point:

"After a few private Sedona Method coaching sessions with TIm, I went to a golf "tournament" with my buddies. I thought it could be a good opportunity to try releasing so I started since the night before to welcome the feelings that were aroused regarding the following day's event. I released when I was practicing, and I decided I would welcome any feelings at the beginning of every hole. I found myself very relaxed during the whole round, the outcomes of the shots didn't affect me that much (just what every golf coach tells you), and I even found myself doing holistic releases during pressure shots (can I welcome the pressure in this shot and can I welcome the confidence of making this shot). The results were amazing: not only did I have one of the most enjoyable rounds I ever had, I made one of my best scores ever and won the first place prize. I definitely will incorporate releasing in every aspect of my life. I'd love to go through life as I went through that round of golf!" Rod C., Mexico City

Yep, it's summer soon…you'll likely remember your tickets and your passport, your sunblock and your shades…but remember to let go too! It'll "make your whole summer, day by day"! 

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