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Summer Private Sessions Special is Here!

Dear All,

Our Summer Private Sessions Special is available now until July 18th!

Purchase four 45 minute private sessions with Annrika or Tim for only $497.00 (compared to three sessions for $540.00). You can buy as many packages as you like. Sessions are good for one year from the date of purchase. 

We are all fortunate to have The Sedona Method in our lives. As we continue to transition through the lingering effects of the pandemic, to living life more fully with an increasing sense of  “normalcy”, it is not unusual to experience feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, impatience and/or frustration as we re-focus on our goals and aspirations. As things start to ‘open up’ on the outside, now is the perfect time to let go and open to and embrace the feeling of unlimited potentiality on the inside. Visualize and feel your most worthy intentions already accomplished, mirroring the flow of abundance, harmony and ease that is already here. The opportunity to discover the true source of happiness is presenting itself as well, more than ever!

Our private one-on-one coaching reflects both the latest processes and developments of The Sedona Method, and our own practice of over 44 years throughout the ups and downs of life. We invite you to give yourself the gift of on-going support and guidance; to have, be and do all that you aspire to, as well as explore more deeply the loving nature of Awareness that all is.

“I just wanted to extend my immense gratitude to you after tonight’s session. I guess from the perspective of Awareness, Awareness is simply being more and more aware of itself, both the guiding teacher/mentor and the student/learner! Thank you so much for pointing me to the truth of what we are. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have your guidance, and for everything that has manifested into this learning experience. It truly is the greatest gift, the gift that is our true nature. Words can’t describe how beautiful and marvelous this feels. Much love,”  J.S., Jakarta

“Thanks so much for your guidance and tuition with releasing. I am so grateful that I met you in person last year and that I continue to learn and deepen releasing with you. This for me is a highlight of the year! Lots of love and blessings!”  B.L., Melbourne

“After the session today, wouldn’t you know my wife and I had one of the most open, productive, loving conversations we’ve ever had in the past three years… out of the blue! Thanks again, Tim, for all that you do!”  S.W., Ohio

You can discover the greatest gift that is your true nature and have the best, regardless of how life is unfolding. 

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