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Sedona Method Support: What Does It Look Like?



Sedona Method Support: What Does It Look Like?


The dictionary provides a broad description of the word 'support', perhaps the best synonyms might be 'maintain' or 'advocacy'…but we all have our own sense of what support is. In terms of The Sedona Method, though, there are a number of ways to get (and give ) support. Here are a few:

Get a releasing partner. It's a great way to create an ongoing releasing connection with someone who has The Sedona Method and realizes the benefit of releasing with another person on a regular basis. It's amazingly rewarding to be there for another in this supportive role…and of course, to be asked the releasing questions.

Begin each day with releasing. In the morning, over a cuppa, why not sit quietly for a little while (just five minutes or so) and let go. Notice any residual thoughts/feelings related to how you slept. Look at the day ahead of you; any activities/events pulling at your awareness? Any resistance? Simply welcome what is arising. You can greatly enhance your night's sleep and support yourself with these few minutes of releasing..and really feel rested and refreshed. Open to how the day will unfold;  welcome the resistance…welcome the flow!

End each day with releasing. In the evening, again sit quietly for a bit and review the days activities. Anything pulling at your awareness…any unfinished, unresolved business or conversations? Can you welcome any wanting to change or control how the day unfolded? Now welcome the day's accomplishments. Welcome what you 'got done'. Welcome any sense that it is personal…that sense of 'me' or 'my'. Welcome the identification…then welcome the flow. Allow yourself to look through that sense of identification as the doer, to that which is beyond. Then allow yourself to rest as that… wonderful support for a truly restful night's sleep.

Go to your local Releasing Support Group: If there is a Sedona Method Support Group organized in your area, go to it on a regular basis. If there isn't one, why not consider starting one yourself? A great ongoing opportunity to join a group of like-minded, like-hearted people in supporting one another in an environment conducive to letting go. For tips to start a Support Group see the last pages of The Sedona Method book or the 20 CD course workbook.

Put 'releasing reminders' around your home/work space: Post-it notes can become 'welcome it' notes! On your computer screen or desk, on your cell phone, on the bathroom mirror…on the refrigerator…on the dashboard of your car…you get the idea! Helpful supportive reminders to let go!

Go to a live Sedona Method Seminar: Retreats in Sedona, foundation and advanced seminars are offered in various cities in the USA, as well as Europe, UK and Australia. Check out our Sedona Releasing Worldwide Seminar Schedule for our upcoming seminars. There is nothing like immersing yourself for several days in a supportive environment specially designed to accelerate and deepen your practice of The Sedona Method. The group synergy and power is un-paralleled! 

Take advantage of Free Support Calls: Every second Wednesday of each month Annrika and I offer two free support calls via Skype and telephone; 11:00am PST and 6:00pm PST. A great opportunity to take advantage of our 35 years of Sedona Method experience. During the hour long  calls we welcome questions, sharing and requests for releasing assistance. To join the call, opt in to our mailing list:  Free Support Call.            The calls are recorded and available for downloading to all on our mailing list! 

Avail yourself of Private Coaching Sessions: Annrika and I offer private coaching sessions; via Skype and telephone. It is a wonderful way to create a releasing momentum with ongoing private coaching on whatever issue you wish to address: goals, relationship, abundance, creativity, and any Sedona Method questions you may have. Yes, TSM is a do-it-yourself method…and private coaching is one of the best ways to support your individual use of this life-changing ability. We currently are offering a Summer Coaching Special, with significant savings, ongoing until July 1st. 

Do things you enjoy: Go for a walk, relax, take a swim, go shopping. Live life! And as you do, allow yourself to open to all the support of the universe! Remember, The Sedona Method is experiential, not intellectual. Reading, talking and thinking about it are no substitute for actually living it!


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