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Sedona Method London Retreat 2017

Dear All,


Practical Freedom and Ultimate Freedom

This retreat is a unique opportunity to embrace your heart’s deepest desires and 
deepen your commitment to freedom. It is designed to support you in having a life
and life-style that allows for both practical freedom and ultimate freedom. Come
join us in September and open your heart to the natural flow of love, energy and
abundance, as reflected in the inspiring gains below from the Practical Freedom
and Ultimate Freedom
 Retreat in Brisbane, Australia last week.

“I was so full of energy after this retreat; I find I am sleeping less but I have energy
to do all that I want to do anyway! It’s amazing. I have the tools to see love behind
fear, grief, anger, to feel welcomed by the world and to feel safe living here, now; to
realize my heart’s deepest desire; to
 elevate the world to a loving, harmonious place
simply with my presence, starting with my family, friends and 
colleagues; to feel love
where before I thought there was only darkness; to feel light, alive and vibrant; to
open up to endless possibilities, 
and to know with great conviction that I am the
source of everything around me.
 I looked for a way out of the darkness and I found
 the light switch is my heart. I am forever grateful.” Alicja, Alice Springs

“I released a lot of long held tension in my body, the feeling of pushing against the
world, being up tight and tense all the time. I’m more able to be present, relaxed and
in the moment.” Shaun, Brisbane

“On the first night a release was done on pain and a pain in my back that had been
around for a week went away and has not returned. I’m leaving the retreat with less
“baggage”; feeling lighter. I found I didn’t react to situations with the same reactivity,
rather a calmer more peaceful version of me presented itself. For example, I found
 that my dog probably had to be put down in a few days. I just didn’t fall apart like
I would have. I still feel the sadness, I’m just not a mess. I’m looking forward to
practicing more so “I” can get out of my own way.
” Rhonda, Brisbane

“It was a wonderful breakthrough to become aware of how much I had been holding
 and identifying with a particular memory – a negative memory: a “story” really.
It was
 almost like I had been walking around carrying all this anger with me about
that betrayal. So
 it was fantastic to let that go, to release the weight of that story and
stop identifying with it. I feel much freer as a result. Thank you.”
 Ali, Sydney

“My heart and body has opened and the energy is now flowing. My history of abuse
has concluded and I have released a heaviness that I was carrying for humanity. The
pain in my body has diminished, I feel lighter and more energised. I have an inner
peace, and joy has bubbled to the surface. I am now clear in my direction and I feel
supported and loved.” 
Kerrie, Loganlea

“The way I interacted with people during this retreat has brought home to me how
 I have let go through releasing lately. My interactions have been very positive
and beneficial for those concerned, self included. I’ve had a deepening of my under-
standing of letting go and how freedom is not about actually needing to do anything.”
James, Auckland, N.Z.

“I was one of the quiet ones, however I much enjoyed and felt much freer after the
retreat. I haven’t been happy at work everyday since I started last September. On the
third day of the retreat I felt I was having so much pain 
in my body from holding
unhappiness. I used the method and tried to let go. I resigned yesterday as soon as
I came back to work. I feel so much lighter. I already have job interviews lined up for 

the next days. I gained through the retreat to follow my heart whatever it feels and 
tells me. A big thank you to my lovely man, Phil. I wouldn’t have done this without his
support and encouragement. Thank you all for your great vibe. Let’s keep up our
 Clara, Sydney

“Thank you for this wonderful Retreat. I feel so much freer and have gained so much.
I can
 take all this with me and relax into the Oneness. You have made it so easy.
Thank you for the
 many single and group releases – I could relate to them all. My
daughter’s words: “Mum, you
 look so different, so much lighter.” Louise, Glendenning

Don’t miss out on this once a year opportunity to be a part of this powerful, supportive
releasing environment in London in September, and include your family and friends in
the experience.

To register for Early Bird Price (available until July 15th), click here.


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Annrika James, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Tim McCavitt, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Creators of The Sedona Method iRelease App
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