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Wonderful! Beautifully done, easy to use and to follow, clear and so helpful. Anyone can use this even if they aren’t familiar with The Sedona Method. Thanks so much, Tim and Annrika.” S.A., Seattle

This app is phenomenal. After listening to it I would have paid $20 for it yet it’s free. I’ve had massive tension headaches and stress for awhile. This allows me to ‘feel’ it which allows it to release. It’s the best app I’ve ever downloaded. Period!” C.C., Los Angeles

Tim and Annrika have done a fantastic job creating this app. Suitable for newcomers to the Sedona Method or if you’ve been using it for years and just want some great releases to access on the go. If you’re getting value out of the app I would also recommend the various Sedona Method courses and Tim/Annrika’s private sessions to further deepen with their amazing work.” R.C., London

I use Start My Day recording in the mornings b4 leaving home & it really allows me to hold the picture of what I like my day to look like. Thank you.” N.P., Sydney

I’m loving the app – I have been Welcoming what is and your app has really (really) helped. Projects are completing well with everyone loving it, so that’s good proof too! I used it all yesterday on a walk to a meeting, which of course went swimmingly… beautiful – thank you! J.M., London

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