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Sedona Method Australia Retreat 2020

Dear Tim,

The Sedona Method Australia Retreat 

Brisbane, Queensland   –   February 21 – 25, 2020

It feels like The Sedona Method has evolved by leaps and bounds since the last retreat we presented in Brisbane, whereas in truth it’s such a simple shift that has occurred.

By allowing ourselves to open more and more to the possibility that we already are the goal we’ve been seeking, whether it be happiness, security, love, abundance, serenity, freedom, and allowing all the imaginary barriers to dissolve, the infinite power and grace that we truly are reveals itself and flows from the source in support of this body/mind/world.

In our experience, and that of many others embracing this simple shift in consciousness, referred to as the Free Way, by releasing from the perspective of, or as, Freedom, as Love, as Light, the body/mind naturally comes in alignment with its worthy goals and what is in the highest and best good of all. It may still be a process, yet together with all the familiar and already practiced releasing tools, apparent holdbacks are more easily seen through and spontaneously drop away. The illusion of separation vanishes and with it the sense of limitation and scarcity, freeing you to have the best in life.

If you’d like to join us and others of like mind and heart, and explore this powerful perspective directly on a live retreat, it will open you to the source of infinite possibility that is simply you being you; simply being that which you are! 

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Annrika and Tim

Annrika James and Tim McCavitt

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