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Opening to a Life of Abundance and Joy

Dear All,

Opening to Love, Life, and Relationships – London, England

June 6, 7 & 8, 2014

Living life from the perspective of being open to loving ourselves and our
world as opposed to being closed to loving ourselves and our world, is
profoundly liberating and joyous. Here are some gains from our Seminars
that reflect that opening, worldwide:

“I felt a sense of spaciousness and peace throughout the seminar as I broke
through feelings of self-consciousness and alienation. Feelings of guilt were
released regarding my mum, and I now have a feeling of joy and love for her.
I feel as though a weight has been dropped from me. My gratitude knows no
end. Thank you.” Shelagh M., Richmond, UK

“Each time I attend a Sedona Method Seminar, this is my 4th, it serves as a 
yardstick for my progress. I am quite amazed at the different person I am:
much more confident, relaxed, balanced, centered and at peace. I felt stuck
for a long time and suddenly things have changed hugely, and this weekend
has helped me to embrace the change and enjoy life to the full.” Kamini A.,
Manchester, UK

“The feeling of anxiety around the future has disappeared; I feel I have more 
freedom! The need to be in action and the feeling I should be ‘doing’ some-
thing has disappeared. I realised just how focused I had been on my ‘problems’
whilst missing all the solutions, alternatives and the “space” that surrounds and
supports me. I feel clearer, present and excited by the future.”
 Euan M., Perth

“A personal gain for me this weekend in London is the realisation that I can be
gentle with myself and know that whatever Carieke thinks or feels is part of a
greater being that I can tap into when the mind takes over. It leaves me more
quiet and at ease with myself.” Carieke P., The Netherlands

“This weekend has helped me to realise again the great benefits of participating
in a live group situation. I have gained many insights, especially seeing the part
resistance has played in my life and how it has held me back both personally and
professionally. At the end of this weekend I feel much more open and at peace. I
feel light and free and so grateful.” H. W., Sligo, Ireland

“Releasing on the ‘history’ of my husband’s and my relationship in the early years 
when he was the ‘distancer’ and I was the ‘pursuer’ has allowed me to be free to
enjoy the wonderful relationship we have today.” Pip B., Perth, Australia

“The Sedona Method Seminar in Tokyo with Annrika and Tim was a very, very
magnificent experience for me. Before, the idea that our presence is love was not 
very real for me. In this seminar I felt very much at home, being there and being 
myself as the presence of love and it was a very relaxing amd peaceful experience.”
Mizuho H., Tokyo, Japan

Being fully open, without reservation or holdback is our natural way of being,
and allows for effortless action, successful goal accomplishment, more loving
relationships, and a healthy, vibrant, and harmonious life of abundance and joy.
We invite you to join us in London!


Annrika James, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Tim McCavitt, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Sedona Releasing Worldwide 

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