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On Sharing The Sedona Method®

I remember having a conversation years ago with Lester Levenson, the founder and inspiration behind The Sedona Method. I asked him, “How is The Method going to get out to people?” This was before the internet, before CDs, DVDs, YouTube, before any book had been written about it. He pointed to me, and said,”You’ll do it. You, and people like you who have benefited from it. It’s only natural to share something good…and this is exactly what people are looking for.” Everything that Lester said then was true…and still is.
So, before contemplating talking about or sharing The Sedona Method…could you allow yourself to let go? Could you allow yourself to release any considerations, conclusions and opinions…simply let go? Nobody likes to be “told” or “talked at”…nobody likes to be “sold” (even if we think they need it and/or it is for their own good!). The more released we are, the less resistance gets stirred up; the more open, neutral and hootless we are, the more relaxed, natural and genuine. Whatever words we’re saying float on an energy that is easier to receive. Interestingly, it’s not about the words, though…it’s about how open we are.
Openness is a direct result of releasing, so the more released we are, the more we welcome what is; the more courageous and accepting. We may not even have to ‘open our mouth’…people may be drawn to us, they may notice ‘something about you’…how we communicate, our demeanor, our posture, our energy…they might say: ‘You seem different, relaxed…new haircut? make-up? Exercise? New partner?’ People will gravitate towards us…because we are letting go. And then if they ask, “What are you doing?” we have an opportunity to tell them about this ‘key to happiness’ called The Sedona Method, and how it has made a difference in our life. We can share with them, simply, from the heart.
It’s helpful to have a short ‘elevator speech’ that you can use to quickly and succinctly share the Method (in the time it takes your elevator to get to the lobby). Something like: “The Sedona Method is a simple, powerful tool that allows you to tap into your natural ability to let go of any unwanted, uncomfortable feeling, sensation, thought or belief, in the moment, quietly within yourself, and feel confident and in control regardless of what’s going on around you. We’ve all heard the phrase(s): let go, release it… let go, let God…but no one has ever said how to do that consciously, constantly. The Sedona Method is the ‘how to’. It’s not an intellectual process; it’s experiential. The key to our happiness, health and abundance is our ability to let go….and it’s a natural ability we all have. It has been of great benefit to me…perhaps there’s an area in your life that you would like to change? If so, you may want to check this out…”
A great way to share The Method is by hosting a party. A movie party, featuring The Sedona Method movie “Letting Go”. The 68 minute movie is great; it gives people more than just a taste of The Sedona Method…it’s entertaining, informative, fun and it offers viewers the experience of letting go, again and again. Just as The Sedona Method speaks for itself, so too the movie, and it takes the onus off of you as the host. You can have a short Q & A session after the screening, perhaps an opportunity to share how the Method has benefited you. It’s helpful to be aware of upcoming live seminars in your area: there are upcoming Sedona Releasing Worldwide Seminars scheduled in Albany, New York in September and Brisbane, Australia in October. (We schedule Seminars yearly in Tokyo, Japan (March 2016), London (May 2016) and Europe: Lausanne, Switzerland (June 2016). When an interested guest asks, “How do I learn this?”, you can direct them to the closest Seminar.
The whole idea, really, is to be open to sharing…and creating a network, a community of releasing support in your area. The more people in your circle who have The Sedona Method, the better off we all are in having the kind of world that’s based on letting go and mutuality, harmlessness and helpfulness.
But the biggest gain from sharing comes in on little cat’s feet…quietly, subtly…it’s that calm and peace that’s always been here. We can choose to share this key to happiness that we have, and see just how good it can get…how good we can feel. To use an old Lester line,”Try it, you’ll like it!”
Lots of love,
Tim McCavitt & Annrika James
Sedona Method Licensed Instructors & Sedona Method Certified Coaches

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