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On Depression

Dear All,

This was a reply to someone recently who had been experiencing depression and reached out for assistance:

“Good to hear you’re feeling better. You have a strong desire for freedom so just keeping allowing yourself to find small things you’re willing to let go…by breaking it down in this way it becomes more manageable to let go.
Everyone experiences depression from time to time and we can often be very hard on ourselves for feeling that way. When feeling depressed or vulnerable (or any unpleasant feeling) do your best to love yourself, even a little, and the feeling will start to melt.
The only reason we’re stuck in any feeling is because we’re disapproving of ourselves for being reactive. If you can welcome the reaction and love the fact that you’re reacting, the feeling can start to dissolve. Life continues as it does. It doesn’t always go the way we’d like. It doesn’t matter if life is perfect or not…the suffering is whether or not you’re reactive to what’s happening. Wanting to change what’s happening and identifying with what’s happening is what causes the suffering. It’s not personal, there is no right or wrong, we can choose to let go rather than hold on and it changes our whole perspective about things. It’s all meant to be the way it is.
Also, it really doesn’t matter how long some pattern has been there (lifetimes)…the reason it’s coming up now is to be released, simply. You have the tools and you know how, so let it be easy. Looking forward to being with you in Brisbane in June! :)”
Remember, we’re not alone. Our ‘stories’ may differ but the suffering is similar, no matter who, what, where. When we zero in on the fact that the suffering is due to our resistance, reactivity and identification (take your pick), and we release, we’re on the road to healing, happiness and freedom!
Annrika and Tim

Annrika James, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach

Tim McCavitt, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach

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