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Love: The Universal Solvent

“Love is the answer to all problems. When there are problems, if we would love more, they would disappear. When the love is complete, the problem dissolves immediately.” “When one loves fully, one can have no concept of not being loved.” Lester Levenson

Whether you have a special Valentine today or not, let the love that you are shine, completely and fully. This love is not something that has to be manufactured or needs a reason or condition to be experienced…it simply is. All one need do is open to it by being more interested in it than anything else!

“Ok, fine,” you might be thinking…”just how do I do that?” Well, as with everything else in life that brings us closer to the Truth of what we are, it’s a decision. A decision to go in that direction. So, right now, could you think of a problem or relationship you’d like to feel better about, more loving towards? In this moment, could you notice how you feel inside?

Now, could you allow yourself to welcome how you feel, and then welcome it’s opposite (whatever that might be for you)? For example: passive/active, good/bad, anxious/confident, frightened/fearless, sad/happy, numb/energized, angry/accepting…? Welcome both sides of these opposing energies…and go back and forth several times, welcoming (or noticing).

Then check again how you feel. Perhaps more relaxed, more open, more peaceful…could you welcome that? And then could you allow yourself to welcome that space or spaciousness in which or upon which that appears? Could you simply welcome that which is uninvolved and unaffected…and allow any remaining non-love thought or feeling to dissolve into that? Into that openness, that love that you are? Could you simply allow love, the universal solvent, to shine through you and any apparent ‘other’, and open to a mutual, harmonious and light-filled solution or resolution?

The above is not an intellectual process, just like love; it can’t be described, it can only be experienced. The Sedona Method provides the “how to”; to learn more, join us on one of our “Opening to Love, Life, and Relationships”  seminars in 2014…or any of our Sedona Method Seminars, worldwide.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Tim and Annrika

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