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iRelease App Upgraded; Now in Six Languages!

The iRelease App has been upgraded in the most wonderful and inclusive way!
We are happy to announce the launch of a NEW upgraded version of our iRelease App available for downloading here: Android Version and iOS Version. Our intention is to bring The Sedona Method to the greatest number of people worldwide.

This new version has the same Sedona Method releasing tracks as the original, with the addition of synched subtitles in English. Also included is the feature of complete, accurate translations of all audio tracks subtitled in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French and Hindi. We’ve also added more helpful information and links to Sedona Method resources to further support ongoing releasing. 

And the App is still FREE! 

Throughout the global challenge we are facing, releasing is a powerful action we can all take moment to moment to uncover our own inner certainty and wellbeing. We invite you to make the most of the App and allow releasing to support you, your loved ones and your community. We encourage you to share iRelease with those in your circle. 

This is a great opportunity to move beyond limitation and separation, and open to a brighter future for all. Allow the powerful rippling, healing effect of welcoming and letting go to reveal the inner serenity and love that is at our very core.

Since this version is new there are very few current reviews. We would appreciate your taking the time to leave a review about your experience with the App and releasing with The Sedona Method. Your App Store or Play Store reviews can inspire others to choose Freedom. 


Annrika and Tim
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