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iRelease App: Letting Go Around The World!

Hello All,
The Sedona Method iRelease App: Letting Go Around the World!
It’s been a year since we launched the upgraded version of the Sedona Method iRelease App with the intention of bringing the liberating power of Letting Go to the greatest number of people worldwide. To date, the Android Version and iOS Version together are being used by over 6800 people in over 170 countries.
This new version has the same Sedona Method Releasing tracks as the original, with the addition of synched subtitles in English. Also included is the feature of complete, accurate translations of all audio tracks subtitled in the following languages: ??????? (Arabic), ?? (Chinese), Español (Spanish), Français (French), and ?????? (Hindi). We’ve added more information and links to free resources to support on-going use of The Sedona Method.
And the App is still FREE!
Here are recent comments from the ever-growing global family of Sedona Method practitioners and iRelease App users we’d like to share with you:
“I want to thank you for creating the App for Releasing. I am using it now on a daily basis and it helps me coping with the current situation. Years ago I attended Sedona Method Retreats, but releasing never worked for me. Looking back, after years of meditation and mindfulness training, I was not ready for it. I am more open to releasing now.” Elie S., N.Y.
“Amazing! It is an important and valuable tool with releases on different topics; simply great! When you listen to the audio it is almost the same as a facilitator asking you directly. In addition, having the possibility of other languages and being able to see the subtitles in my native language, is so great! Thank you for such a gift for all of us who love The Sedona Method!” Carlo C., Madrid
“Definitely very useful to me and my family.” Akula R., Delhi
“Lot’s of good info about The Sedona Method and how to use it…for the beginner and for everyone. Very well done! Thank you! I highly recommend this app to anyone, whether you are unfamiliar with The Sedona Method and Releasing or an experienced Sedona Method releaser!” Josephine L., Canada
“This is by far one of the most useful apps I have on my phone: I use it daily. I learned The Sedona Method 25 years ago and have been using it ever since. The app is a wonderful add- on, proving there’s always more good to come! Consider this app as a best friend or companion that will gently guide you back to yourself when you’re feeling ‘off’…and remind you how wonderful you truly are!” Eliana G., California
“So much to release during these times. I’ve been sharing The Sedona Method and iRelease app with lots of friends and colleagues and we are so grateful to have it as a tool, especially now! Thank you for all that you do.” Nina K., Germany
Considering the global challenges we are facing, releasing is a powerful action we can all take moment to moment to uncover our own inner certainty and wellbeing. We invite you to make the most of the App and allow the transformative effect of releasing to support you, your loved ones, your community, and our world. These days present an incredible opportunity to move beyond limitation and separation, and open to a brighter future for all.
We encourage you to share iRelease with those in your circle. Please leave a review about your experience with the App and releasing with The Sedona Method. Your App Store or Play Store reviews can inspire others to choose Freedom!
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