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iRelease App is 24/7 Support

Dear All,

It’s wonderful that you’ve discovered the elegantly simple yet powerful
Sedona Method!  
And whether you’ve had it in your life for years now or
you’re brand new, perhaps you’ve noticed that having on-going accessible 
releasing support can really be beneficial. 

That’s why we developed the free iRelease App: Guided Meditations to
Relieve Stress and Increase Energy Instantly.
 To be there for you when you
really need it, to provide immediate support and guidance, quickly. It’s the
“releasing buddy” you can turn to 24/7, and it’s a great introduction to The
Sedona Method you can easily share with family, friends and associates.

“This app helps in so many different situations…whether be it fear / anxiety,
or goals or releasing resistance…and much more. The best one that I like is
‘Start of the Day’ and ‘End of the Day’ releases; always use them before and 
after a tough day. Truly been a blessing!” Rizwan K., India

“I find iRelease one of the most helpful apps I have. I use it often. It helps me  
be more
 open to living life to the fullest. I can use it on any area in my life 
when I feel stuck.
 So grateful for this app.” Sam S., L.A.

“Love this. Short but powerful releasing.”
 Rebecca W., Sweden

“I have been using The Sedona Method for years and this app is a five star 
winner! It guides you gently and effectively through the process.”
 C.P., N.Y.

“iRelease is very helpful. It is my morning meditation and helpful throughout
the day when releasing on my own seems just too difficult. Many thanks!”
Zueri A., Switzerland

“I just discovered your app and can’t begin to say how grateful and pleased 
I am! It’s wonderful and completely effective at diving-in with the repeat option and beautifully crafted visual. I am sharing it with great joy!” Lauren P., AZ

“I’m loving the app! I used it yesterday on a walk to a meeting, which of course went swimmingly! Beautiful. Thank you!” John M., London

“I recommended iRelease to one of my daughters, who was experiencing quite 
severe anxiety recently. She has been using the app and said that it helps her a lot. Thank you for this wonderful gift that makes it so easy to pass on The Sedona Method to people in a format that is easy to use.” Ruki B., Melbourne

2019 promises to be another eventful, perhaps challenging, year–so if you’d like to download our free iRelease App, we invite and encourage you to do so now. Give yourself (and others) that extra boost when you need it, and allow abundance, good health, loving relationships, success and joy to be your everyday experience throughout the year and beyond!

Happy releasing!


Annrika James, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Tim McCavitt, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Creators of The Sedona Method iRelease App
Sedona Releasing Worldwide

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