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Dear All,

Awakening to The Source of Abundance 

In this fast paced, ever-changing, seemingly chaotic world we have a choice:
to react automatically to what’s going on around us and be controlled by the
thoughts and feelings that arise, or to let go. This may seem counter-intuitive
as the tendency is to hold on in the hope that circumstances will change or go
away–not only does this cause additional stress, it cuts us off from our natural
courageousness and ability to take positive action.

Releasing is the solution. The more you let go the better equipped you are to
handle whatever is happening now in your life with confidence and ease. You
will often find situations simply dissolving by themselves, as well as finding
ways to support yourself moving forward.

Private sessions are designed to support you in uncovering the negative beliefs and
patterns that have been blocking you from moving ahead in all areas of your
life, and let them go. Once you’ve ‘cleared the field’ and have a more positive
outlook it’s easier to get into action in the direction of achieving your goals and
aspirations. Our inherent courageousness, our feeling of “I can” is immediately

“Life in the world should only consist of two things: that which helps
us grow and that which helps others grow.” 
Lester Levenson

If you are a newcomer to The Sedona Method, having recently downloaded our
iRelease App, or you have been releasing for a while, sessions are the next best step to
truly create a solid releasing momentum for yourself. It’s a hands on opportunity
to directly experience the ease and power of letting go in a supportive and
private one-on-one environment.

We invite you to allow your awakening to unfold easily and naturally
within you, revealing the Source from which all abundance flows in so many
varied and beautiful ways. Why not open to having success, abundance and the
kind of life you’ve always dreamed of now?


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Annrika James, Sedona Method Licensed Instructor
Tim McCavitt, Sedona Method Licensed Instructor
Creators of iRelease: Your Anywhere, Anytime Sedona Method Releasing Buddy
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