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Free Sedona Method Movie Event 14 Sept., Beenleigh, QLD

Please contact Francoise Kingsley at Caring Natural Therapies, Brisbane for details of The Sedona Method "Letting Go" free movie event – Saturday, 14th September at 2pm -Beenleigh Events Centre, Beenleigh, QLD.
Find out 'how The Sedona Method is able to enhance one's health by supporting / complementing any health related practice….'

Whatever the cause, the negative effects of stress can take many forms, from sabotaging our health, to eroding our general happiness and well-being.

It is not enough to learn to 'cope' with stress, or try to sweep stressors from our lives, temporary at best. Instead, it is healthier to let go of the inner reactions to life's challenges.

Stress comes from reactivity to what's happening, so, by first addressing the inner disturbance and allowing the pent up energy to dissolve, or release, the mind becomes more relaxed, and the body follows suit.

The Sedona Method is a simple, effective, practical way to do this from moment to moment throughout your day. It puts you in touch with your natural ability to let go of any unwanted, limiting thought, feeling, or belief, quietly within yourself. The benefits are manifold…you feel lighter, freer, clearer; better able to take appropriate, constructive action with confidence and ease.

The Sedona Method is a wonderful, powerful way to support ourselves in good health and overall well-being. Francoise's invitation to watch The Sedona Method movie "Letting Go" -Saturday 14 September (see details above) is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of TSM, to learn from her direct experience with it, and to find out about the upcoming Sedona Method Intensive in Brisbane.

"If one is already working on one's health, or helping somebody else to improve his/her health, The Sedona Method is a must." – Francoise Kingsley

For detailed information about the Sedona Method Australia Intensive in Brisbane, 11-15 October, please click here.




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