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Emotional Health – A Little Loving Attention Goes a Long Way!

A healthy relationship with our emotions is key to emotional health.

Emotions are natural to the body, yet how much attention do we give to how (or what) we are feeling throughout the day? Aren't we generally ignoring our feelings, or resisting them, or downright denying their existence by barreling through them most of the time?

Neglecting our emotional health can be extremely detrimental to our overall physical health and well-being. Tension, fatigue, or stress, for example, if left unaddressed on an ongoing basis, can affect the natural functioning of the body, inhibiting the immune system and the body's innate ability to take care of itself.

So, with our emotional health in mind, let's take a look at our relationship to our emotions and our beliefs about feelings in general….don't we tend to identify with them as who we are? We often refer to ourselves as "angry" or "fearful," "depressed" or "hurt"–or as some other limiting feeling–overlooking the fact that we are simply experiencing an emotional reaction in that moment. Instead, we pass judgment on ourselves for "being less than" and punish ourselves unnecessarily.

We learn this inappropriate approach to emotional health from an early age. We're encouraged by those we love who are "wiser" than ourselves, to suppress these emotional reactions instead of allowing them to be experienced for a moment and to naturally dissipate, as we did as babies. This learned behavior of suppressing what is natural to the body causes emotional imbalance and dis-ease. Over time, this can manifest as various ailments, such as migraine headaches, panic attacks, high blood pressure or nervous disorders, and it can lead to problems such as addiction, obesity and anti-social behavior.

The way to emotional health is to acknowledge and allow our feelings rather than resisting them.

The way to emotional health is to acknowledge and allow our feelings rather than resisting them. This may seem counter-intuitive at first because we're afraid we'll be taken over by them, or lose control….but isn't this already the result of suppressing our feelings? If you've ever felt "at the end of your tether" to the point where all that suppressed energy reaches boiling point, then you know what I mean. We can become extremely destructive towards ourselves, and sometimes towards others, too!

A healthy approach to our emotions is to welcome whatever is being felt in this moment….to simply allow what's here to be here. Emotional health is in giving a little loving attention to our body….giving it permission to feel the way it does for a moment. As you do this, as best you can, you'll find that the body is able to relax inside and all that pent up energy start to dissipate or dissolve.

The path to emotional health is also the recognition that you are not your feelings, that they are not who you are, and you can allow them to pass through….like clouds through the sky. Is the sky affected by the clouds, even on a stormy day? No, of course not, and neither are you when you allow whatever is being experienced, as opposed to resisting or fighting with emotions…. no matter how deep or meaningful they appear to be.

The Sedona Method is a simple, powerful and effective solution to real, lasting emotional health and well-being. It's easy to learn and to duplicate throughout the day whenever an emotional reaction to life's challenges arises…. and before it become a physical symptom!  The following is a gentle, effortless process that you can do to help yourself "unwind" during the day, as well as at the end of your day before falling asleep. Holistic releasing is just one of the processes that make up The Sedona Method:

A little loving attention goes a long way.

We're so focused on our external world most of the time; so, in this moment, simply allow yourself to sit back and focus inside….and allow awareness to take a more internal focus. Allow your mind to take a break for awhile by leading with your heart, as opposed to your head, as you explore these three Holistic releases:

Welcome both sides of the first "pair" a few times until they begin to dissolve one another and you feel more relaxed and open inside, before moving on to the next.

Could you welcome any tension, stress or dis-ease in this moment?
Could you simple allow it to be here, as best as you can?
Could you gently open inside and allow it to naturally unwind, dissolve or pass through?

Could you allow yourself to resist sensations in the body, as much as you do?
Could you welcome and allow the sensations to dissolve, as best as you can?

Could you welcome any remaining contraction or constriction in this moment?
Could you simply let go and be open at least to the possibility of enjoying emotional health and well-being?

You can conclude by welcoming the relaxation that's here now. Allow it to wash over you, melting any remaining tension, and rest as the relaxation that you are, at the core of your being! 

As you embrace relaxation, dissolving will continue to happen on its own and the body can naturally take care of itself.

Wishing you emotional health and well-being. 

Annrika James, Sedona Method Licensed Instructor, Sedona Releasing Worldwide

Note:  The Sedona Method does not treat, diagnose, cure, or advise about medical conditions. It addresses the emotional and psychological component associated with any physical condition. Please consult a medical professional regarding any medical issue.

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