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Do You Know What Love Is?

Dear All,

Opening to Love, Life, and Relationships – Pasadena, California

February 21, 22 & 23, 2014

This seminar is designed to support you in experiencing what it feels like to
live from your own essence of unconditional love. As we release non-loving
feelings we have about ourselves and others, and limiting beliefs around love
itself, we free ourselves from searching outside ourselves for love to live as
the love and pure presence and perfection that we are.

“I have gained greater peace this weekend and a quieter mind with regard to
personal issues relating to myself and my family. I have a greater understanding
of myself and have allowed love of myself to enter my heart.” Maria Murphy, London

“Thank you for the opportunity to wake up to the fact that I have been spending so
much time in resistance, and resisting it.
 It was so nice to be able to unlock my own
unhappiness when doing some partnership work, more when helping my partner  
than the other way around — what a surprise that was. I feel renewed in using The
Sedona Method, which from the treadmill of life I was on I was forgetting to use.

This has been a refresher course in many forms.” Francoise Kingsley, Brisbane

“I was able to release physical discomfort that was tied in part to emotional, mental
and other disturbance. I feel more open to those around me, and that I may freely
share my joy and love without being tied to a consequence.” Katherine Jetter, Durango

“Realising I’m not alone in my life. Not limiting myself and my potential…amazing
experience of the vastness of God and my connection to that and Him; belonging, I
am part of that. Intimacy with others, feeling I don’t have to hide from them; I can 
allow myself to be seen, to be accepted, liked and appreciated…and to receive from
them. A glimpse of what is possible, my unlimited potential. Being happy “not know-
ing”. It’s a good place to be.” Fiona Parker, London

“Releasing with a group with Annie and Tim appears to speed up the process, with
fun and laughter along with the tears. I continue to see through the illusion with greater
ease and peace. I am more able to allow the mind to do what it does and notice freedom
anyways. I take myself less seriously. 🙂 I love myself as I am, and that is enough?.”
Kim Moriyami, Durango

“All the releasing I have done so far has changed my life, and the retreat with Annie
and Tim was a profound experience for me. Having this ‘expanded’, more peaceful
experience of being has allowed me to enjoy my time with my Dad and just be there
for him without expectation.” Yolanda, New Zealand

“I appear to have a stronger voice and speak up about my views in a lot of situations
where they would have previously been suppressed. My heart is opening up to the idea
that there is an infinite flow of love radiating from within that can be shared with others
and experienced by my Self 🙂 Thank you for a fantasmic seminar.” F. C., London

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Annrika James, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Tim McCavitt, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
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