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Australia Retreat: Ease and Flow

Dear All,

The Sedona Method Australia Retreat –  Brisbane – April 27 – May 1, 2018

“Life in the world should consist of only two things: that which helps us
grow and that which helps others grow.”  Lester Levenson

The Sedona Method Australia Retreat is coming to Brisbane in April. We
invite you to join fellow releasers and support one another in both practical
and ultimate freedom.

The Sedona Method is a wonderful and amazing tool for growth, as these
recent inspiring gains from someone releasing for a couple of years, and
supporting others in releasing, confirms:

“I wanted to share with you that I have an experience of a habit “dropping

away.” I have been a lifelong caffeine addict. After years of trying to stop,
I did it without efforting.  I think it’s been over nine months now since my
last caffeinated drink. I also went from vegetarian to vegan with ease.

I have had other gains with the Method: the ‘what’ of the story does not
matter. What 
I do think is important is that I did not think I could have or
do what I wanted.
 I did not think it was possible. And I often felt that I did
not know how to start.
 I had no model to follow. As it turns out, it has gone
better than what I thought
 was possible. And I feel more comfortable these
days “not knowing” and an
 increased sense of trust that I can find my way.

Now that I am in touch with this, I find that I betray myself less often. My
mind is quieter these days and there is
 more of a sense of peace, presence
and freedom to be who I am.”

We invite you to uncover the inner courageousness, intuitive knowingness
and acceptance that allows our lives, and all life, to resound with this life-
affirming energy. The results are manifold: aliveness, willingness to go into
action, greater self confidence, abundance and an inner sense of wellbeing.

We look forward to you joining us. For full details and to register:

The Sedona Method Australia Retreat –  Brisbane – April 27 – May 1, 2018


Annrika James, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Tim McCavitt, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Creators of The Sedona Method iRelease App
Sedona Releasing Worldwide 

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