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Gains from “Living Letting Go” Workshop in Tucson AZ

Gains from 'Living Letting Go' Tucson, October 9th & 10th, 2010:

"What I got out of the workshop: 'I rescued myself from me', dropped old beliefs, past issues, ideas that make me feel down. Now I feel WONDERFUL, happier, brighter, more alive in harmony with the world and what surrounds me. Thank you Annie and Tim, you got me back; this weekend has been amazing for me!"
Carla Laguna, Tucson

"I've done more releasing here in a concentrated way than all the time since I've started. More in-depth, too. I feel different–changed. Calmer and more centered. I know more than ever that this is the way for me to go. This is the most comfortable being a part of a group that I have ever felt. And much more."
Will Lawson, Tucson

'What a delightful springboard for more of my unlimited potential to shine through." 
Kenedy Powell, Tucson

"I was able to release on a period of time in my life when a couple of business deals went under causing huge financial losses both to myself as well as other investors. This was during a partner exercise, and my releasing partner took me through a number of deeper and deeper levels of release to let go of the pent up fear, anger, and other emotions resulting from the experiences during that time frame."
Carolita Oliveros, Tucson

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