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Road Trip Releasing Tip Revelation: Releasing IS Natural!

This acknowledgement and thank you came in not too long ago from Evie in Scotland, a recipient of our Road Trip Releasing Tips video series…

A Big Thank You 

Hi everyone and especially Tim and Annrika,

A wee while ago I signed up to get email newsletters from Annrika and Tim. These contain videos of either Annrika or Tim giving some tips on releasing. In a recent one Tim gives some tips for newbies. I'm not a newbie, on this forum I'm a big talker, in fact,  but I found this tip to be just what I needed. Tim talks about how The Sedona Method is easy. I can't say I've always found it that way. He goes on to say that it's natural, that releasing is natural.

Okay, so maybe that's not news to some of you, but Tim, it really turned around my thinking about releasing. I had been seeing it as a way to counter my 'natural' tendency to hold on, and suddenly I could see that in fact it has always been natural to let go. It's the holding on that isn't natural.

What I am noticing now is that often releasing happens without any effort and that my mind wants to make it into something more, to dig around and try to make it into a struggle again. It's going to be exciting to see how this progresses for me.

I also do The Work of Byron Katie, and one thing I noticed since this 'revelation' is when I did inquiry on some beliefs I've had about myself they collapsed very quickly. I used to believe that I wasn't naturally a positive person, and came to see that is just nonsense. I wasn't born thinking negative thoughts!

So thank you Tim and Annrika. 

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