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Our Australia Intensive October 2013

Dear All,

Join us in Brisbane, Australia for a Sedona Method Intensive!

Part 1: The Key to Happiness and Wellbeing, October 11-13, 2013 

Part 2: Acceleration with The 5th Way, October 14-15, 2013

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Hmmm…maybe what we believe will bring us happiness is mistaken. Maybe
it’s not the perfect relationship, more money, the best job. Maybe happiness
doesn’t come from having or doing. What if happiness and the source of all
happiness is within each and every one of us? And when we bring that
happiness to our life, our world, something remarkable happens.

During this specially designed Australia Intensive we’ll be exploring
the simplicity of The Sedona Method experientially, not intellectually.

Part 1, The Key to Happiness and Wellbeing is set in a safe interactive
environment that supports you in addressing the issues that are the most
important to you and uncovering and releasing the root cause of suffering
and dissatisfaction. Hands-on practice, exercises and partnerships deepen
your use and enjoyment of The Method; you can directly experience the
lightness, aliveness and happiness that is your basic nature.

Here are some gains from our recent Seminar participants:
“This Seminar has deepened my releasing and motivation to take this further.
My stomach has space! Mind is quieter. I can’t stop smiling! There is a familiarity
with everyone here, like we had met before. I am convinced that this is the result
of us all practicing The Method together.” Joe S., Manchester, UK

“It’s the loveliest feeling, to feel so unburdened now after this course, from the
twists and tangles of all my so-called drama. I feel lighter and happier, and the
tasks in my life feel so much more achievable and even more attractive, which is
great. In a matter of seconds, and maybe a minute or two, for each “issue”, I was
able to let go of what I had thought were big, ugly, deep-seated and, gee, serious
problems. It was so funny and wonderful to be suddenly free of all that baggage.
The sense of freedom and light is marvellous. Thank you.” Alison W., Sydney

“I feel very good and have gained a lot of confidence in my releasing. I enjoyed
the partner work very much and had the feeling that I was letting go a lot especially
when working with a partner. My mind seems to be less noisy and my thoughts are
clearer. I feel very peaceful and there is a warm fuzzy feeling in my body that feels
very pleasant.” Bengt F., Hannover, Germany

“I am a much happier person. More peaceful. This seminar has allowed me to feel
more connected to people and I have burst the bubble of separateness! I have gained
something beyond the body/mind and I like it.” Fleur D., London

Part 2, Acceleration with The 5th Way, provides you with the space and practice
for deeper exploration and momentum through a series of fun and rewarding
releasing partnerships. Identifying the major obstacle to your personal growth:
resistance, combined with in-depth core program work with The 5th Way, creates
a powerful, natural leap forward. You’ll come away from this Intensive with the tools
that you can confidently continue using on your own, as well as a connection with an
ever expanding releasing community.

Here are more gains from Seminar participants:
“What I liked the most (from the Seminar) was the opportunity to release with
other people, to feel the support from other people and to be able to provide
support…and to release with people who have like-minded interests. It has been
really an amazing experience to release with others. Thank you for a thoroughly
enjoyable 4 1/2 days.” Jacqui W., Sydney

“Uncovering the core program is a wonderful freeing of limitations. I’d been skirting
around it without clearly seeing it and now feel quite happy about its leaving. Gained
a deepening of The 5th Way, being able to cut through the wants more easily and
quickly. It’s been a great group and as always, these seminars are a mini-retreat with
enormous benefits. Thank you both for your presence.” Janet B., Phoenix

“I realised that resisting not wanting to do something actually gives a lot of space.
Other gains having to do with resistance completely energized me! What fun to
play with resitance a bit more instead of judging it and resisting it! Tim and Annie
have a loving, patient and clear energy and it was very nice to work with you.”
Liesbeth v. W., Den Haag, NL

“At the Acceleration Seminar with Annrika and Tim I mentioned a goal, something
that seemed unattainable. Annrika gave me appropriate wording, and I played
with that daily…and got my goal…and it showed up just how I wanted it. This was
not even a course about goals…it was just a short section on the last day. So, if you
are anywhere near Brisbane get yourself along to this event!” Z. R., London

For complete details about this powerful Intensive, daily schedule and venue
information, and to register, (Early Bird Prices until July 31st), visit:
 Australia Intensive 2013

Warm regards,

Annrika and Tim










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