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Be Your Authentic Self

Australia Intensive 11 – 15 October in Brisbane, Queensland

Be your authentic Self!

Are you ‘sitting on the fence’ and have yet to decide to participate in
this live Sedona Method Intensive on your own turf? Perhaps these
enthusiastic gains from previous Aussie Intensives will help:

“It has made everything so clear! Now I can ‘see through’, I can let go and
help myself. I feel more confidence and have a better idea how to word my
goals. It has taken the “heaviness” out of personal development and makes it
fun! I’m happy that I made the step and came and am really, really grateful!!!”
Susanne M., Cairns

“Renewed zest for life! I feel much clearer, more centered, freer, and generally
more alive. Spontaneity has returned. I feel much more secure in the sense that 
I have a fresher approach to dealing wth life’s challenges.”
Dr. Gregg S., Brisbane

“I’ve let go of the past and now feel in the moment – enjoying just being and
choosing to do things rather than feeling driven to do them. My resistance to
life is so much lower and life doesn’t seem like a struggle. Releasing can be, 
and is fun!” Euan M., Perth

“I had a fantastic time. I let go of a whole lot of long standing issues but most
importantly I now have the tools to keep going on my own. The 5th Way is
my most favourite as it is so quick – everything just flows through. Thank you.”
Carol K., Albion Park

“Releasing has been accomplished with tears and laughter. I am sure that I now
weigh less! Thank you from my heart.” Kim H., Tonal Meral

“I realise that the main way I stress myself out is through resistance… in many
recurring themes. Working through resistance has provided me with the most
gains. I found I was very calm after that. A little releasing went a long way!”
Angie C., Loganholme

“As a life coach that has been facilitating my clients to let go of their emotional
luggage and limitations, it is a delight to have now a tool I can use to easily and
effectively release my own limitations and emotions at any time, anywhere, on
my own.” Dr. Marcia B., Brisbane

There is nothing that compares to a Sedona Method live seminar.  Join us.
Australia Intensive Part 1: The Key to Health and Happiness
11, 12 & 13 October, 2013

Australia Intensive Part 2: Acceleration with The 5th Way
14 & 15 October, 2013

Register now: take advantage of Early Registration Price until September 27th.

Warm regards,

Annrika James, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Tim McCavitt, Licensed Sedona Method Instructor and Certified Coach
Sedona Releasing Worldwide 

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