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“The Sedona Method: The Power of Letting Go” Seminar is presented by Sedona Method Licensed Instructors Annrika James and Tim McCavitt

ROSEBURG, OREGON: Seminar has been CANCELLED and may be re-scheduled at a later date!

The power of The Sedona Method is in its simplicity; the power of letting go lies in its naturalness. This simple, natural process is based on living life without resistance and self-imposed obstacles. When these non-productive patterns and beliefs are welcomed fully they spontaneously dissolve into an open flowing energy. The less resistance there is to life and action, the more life is allowed to function and flow naturally.

Inherent positivity is at your core; as you let go you uncover that natural confidence and ability to achieve. You’ll discover that beyond resistance is the accelerated ability to open to your unlimited potential. The power of letting go and welcoming leads you to directly experience:

  • Positive changes in behavior and/or attitude
  • Greater ease and effectiveness in daily activities
  • More constructive and supportive personal and business relationships
  • Being relaxed and confident in action
  • Acquiring new abilities or skills
  • An openness to giving and receiving the best in life
  • Following your heart and opening to your intuitive knowingness
  • Feeling renewed, empowered, fully alive and in love with life, yourself and those you care about

This is an opportunity to explore The Sedona Method with two Licensed Sedona Method Instructors with over 45 years practical life experience with this powerful, life-changing method. You will learn all the interchangeable tools of The Sedona Method, including the latest techniques. A safe, loving and supportive space is provided for people to explore The Sedona Method fully in a profound way: to directly experience the simplicity and effectiveness of all the processes, from the basics of letting go to seeing through false beliefs and identities with self inquiry to the true being that you are. You will come away with the tools and the confidence to continue to practice letting go with ease in your daily life!

The seminar is open to everyone, newcomer or experienced releaser alike. We invite you to join us for this enjoyable, liberating event in scenic Roseburg, Oregon.

“The Sedona Method provided valuable insights into the way the mind works. Throughout the seminar we explored the concept of “letting go” and this has proved itself to be a valuable tool which offers me a varied approach to tasks and difficulties that I faced.” Pardeep Singh, Client Engagement Manager, Singapore

“Thank you for the seminar and the learning experience you provided. As a beginner the class was very inspirational for me. I have had arthritis in my back since age 12 and my body has not felt that at ease for a very, very long time. Thank you so much!” Mark K., California

“I have suffered from great homesickness for as long as I can remember. So traveling to New York from Florida was a frightening experience. Using what I learned from the Method helped me get over massive amounts of the homesickness and by the end, the feeling was only mild. I feel much more confident about traveling and if any more of this homesick feeling comes up, I am confident that I can welcome it and let it go thanks to the Method!” Keith K., Florida

“After attending my first Sedona Method seminar I am able to notice the emotion inside of me. I welcomed and let go of the feelings and it was amazing!! I will continue to explore more. Thank you.” Zhang Wei Xian, IT Dept. Manager, Singapore

“This is a new step in my personal development. The Sedona Method takes out the severity, heaviness of personal work…it’s a light, quick technique and really good. It will be helpful for me to deal with all the suffering I actually have to deal with at work; to feel lighter and freer about that. That’s a gain! I’ve been feeling a lot of strain lately and The Sedona Method came to me at the right time. I’m now going in the direction that feels right for me.” Susanne M., RN, Australia

“I work in a hospital setting with patients daily and have found TSM a way to connect with patients better; I go into a session with patients without having outcomes in mind or any expectations–just meeting them where they are and being with them, and allowing whatever arises with them. I’m finding it’s much easier for myself and the patient, because the patient is more comfortable with their authenticity when they sense I am allowing of who they are without judgment. I release before and during the session…and that ability to release on the spot and just continuing to meet them where they are is of great benefit.” Marge M., Dietitian, Cert. Diabetes Educator, Colorado

“I’ve had an experience of a habit dropping away. I have been a lifelong caffeine addict. After years of trying to stop, I did it without efforting. It’s been over 9 months now since my last caffeinated drink. I also went from vegetarian to vegan with ease. I’ve had other gains with the Method: I feel more comfortable these days “not knowing” and an increased sense of trust that I can find my way. Now that I am in touch with this, I find that I betray myself less often. My mind is quieter these days and there is more of a sense of peace, presence and freedom to be who I am. Thank you!” Kimberly T., Psychologist, QME, Los Angeles

“I came to the Seminar with a question in mind – “the purpose of life.” This question has made me suffer a lot. I’m afraid to waste time on things without purpose or meaning. After the seminar, the part on goals, I gained and came up with a lot of thoughts and aspirations. It is just like an eye-opening seminar. I feel fresh and I allow myself to trust my inner ‘guide’ and enjoy the journey. Thank you!” Zhang Yi, Singapore

“It was only a weekend seminar but I got the ways to be able to go forward now. I always focused on problems. Now I understand what they represent. So now what I can do is to let go. I feel confident; I can accept abundance, happiness and peace. It has been difficult to notice how obsessed with problems I’ve been; mind is so cunning and it tries to pull me back. But now I experienced being free from it once. So, I am going to keep using this method, with hope.” Shotaro Ishiwata, Japan

“I’ve loved The Sedona Method since I discovered it, but I’ve really struggled to be able to do it on my own, by myself. Yesterday grief and sadness came up, and I tried to release it. I could feel at the same time that I really didn’t want to let go of it for some reason. Still, I sat down with myself, and wrote some stuff down, and just surrendered to the feeling. I can’t tell you how amazing it was, in a really quiet way…and then it was gone! Today there is something inside of me that is dancing. Realising that I AM competent, and I CAN trust myself! Such a wonderful revelation. I’m so grateful.” Fiona P., U.K.

Note: This seminar has been approved for 12 CEUs by the NASW, Oregon State Chapter. And this program has also been approved for 12 CEUs by the NASW, Washington State Chapter. Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counsellors are eligible. Provider # 1975-459.

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, May 2 & 3. Seminar has been postponed and may be re-scheduled at a later date.

Recommended: Some experience with The Sedona Method book “The Sedona Method” (Hale Dwoskin) or videos is helpful, but not required.

Full Price: $525.00 Early Bird Price: $425.00 (Available until April 18, 2020). (Use PayPal button below).

Venue: Hampton Inn & Suites, 1620 NW Mulholland Dr., Roseburg OREGON 97470 Limited number of discounted guestrooms offered, based on availability: $110 + tax / single or double, incl. breakfast. Refer: Sedona Group when booking. Contact: Sonia / Reception, 541-492-1212

Seminar Cancellation Policy: Cancel (for any reason) thirty to fourteen days before the event: $250.00 cancellation fee, as well as applicable PayPal transaction/refund fees. Cancel (for any reason) within fourteen days of the event: no refund.

Please note: You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay online, even though your payment will be processed through the PayPal system. Simply choose the credit card you’d like to use, and your payment will be secure and encrypted. Sedona Releasing Worldwide will not see your credit card information, nor will it be shared with any third party.

The Sedona Method: The Power of Letting Go, in Roseburg, Oregon, May 2 & 3, 2020, Early Bird Price: $425.00 (Until April 18, 2020)  SEMINAR HAS BEEN CANCELLED & MAY BE RE-SCHEDULED.

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