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Beyond Letting Go: Ultimate Wellbeing, Sedona AZ – October 2011

Tension is Gone

I feel more relaxed now after a weekend of releasing practice. Much of the tension is gone. I can no longer feel it so I feel freer and happier – content to 'hang with' myself and others so that my life seems to be more effortless and fun!" Virginia Brush, Cottonwood, Arizona

Incredible, Life Changing

The gains from the Sedona Method are too many to even mention! I have gained a quiet peaceful beingness so quickly and easily from Annrika and Tim's Beyond Letting Go Seminar. All questions and "wanting to figure it out" about health, relationships and finances were put in a place of appropriate action. The 5th Way is an incredible life changing way to regain what is always here and always now!" Kylie Caraher, Durango, Colorado

Seeing Through the Veil of Illusion

Each seminar I take brings more clarity and freedom from identification with this body/mind. This was a wonderful seminar. I was able to see that I have attachment to suffering that can dissolve when it is looked through and released and have compassion towards. The honesty that Annrika and Tim express when working with the group allowed for complete trust and willingness to see through the veil of illusion. I was able to feel relaxed and present. I see the gains I have made through the years of using the Sedona Method. I was able to experience being the ocean…that was a gift of the sea!" Sara Wasserman, Sedona, Arizona

Experience Was Invaluable

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sedona Method book and movie, however the experience of the group and with partners was invaluable. I gained releasing and welcoming techniques for intense waves of grief and anxiety. The practice and guidance gave me real experience in the moment. I gained the ability to release my beliefs and wants that were consuming energy and time – and the skill to recognize the body/mind and move to being/awareness. I gained new relationships with Tim and Annrika and other participants. I gained freedom from historical guilt, pain and suffering." Jackie Parker, Orton, Ontario


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