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Incredibly Liberating Support Call

Hello Annrika and Tim,

I just wanted to say thank you.

The call was very profound for me. In fact, what [two callers] released felt like my issues. When I decided to listen to the call live, I believe it was a big step to stand up and dare to talk, so everything was incredibly liberating for me and it was much easier feeling the support you both offer to the callers. I felt safe. I wanted to comment on that in case you didn’t realize how loving you are.

Thanks for sharing all your skills in listening and helping others let go. And I really love the energy you create as a team.

Love and the best of wishes,

Xiomara A., Mexico

No More Fear about the Future

Annrika, well I must say that the past three weeks have truly been amazing. I kept releasing and I just feel better about everything in my life. It really seems that I am more in the flow than I was ever before. I had some truly amazing days filled with abundance and blessings. I feel really at peace, no more fear about the future. I try my best to stay in the moment and that has really changed my life. I’m feeling positive about everything in my life.

I’m back at work now, I have already spoken to my colleage about my plans. It all flows so naturally and effortless. I used to also feel so negative about this job and now I don’t. I just accepted it. I have applied to the university. I already started to build a personal training business outside of Cape Town and thought that I would have to give it up. I realised that it is just about the same distance from Cape Town as it is where I’m living now and I can drive there and listen to the Sedona Method CDs.  I also have the desire to do something creative. I used to do ceramics and out of the blue one of my friends got a new ceramic studio and said that I can come do artwork there anytime.This wasn’t even on my goal list but I suppose that if something resonates from the heart it will happen automatically and effortless, right?”

Dan G., Cape Town, South Africa

From Mad to Friendly

The day before the last of a group of coaching sessions with Tim, I had a small car accident where a lady lost control of her car and hit mine. Not a lot of damage, but the response was to get mad. When I stepped from the car, mad, something happened. Suddenly I just, naturally, let go. It was like something inside said, “let it go” and when I got to the lady’s side, I wasn’t mad at all, in fact I greeted her like nothing had happened, asked her “Are you ok?”, and we spoke very friendly while we called our insurance companies. Amazing how quickly releasing can work and improves the way you can go through life!”

Rodrigo C., Mexico City

Accept Myself and Others

I have attained a clear, open and supportive method to accept myself and others.”

J. Avellan, President, Petro Steel, Texas

Taking Me More Deeply into It

Annrika, I am grateful for you teaching me this method and taking me more deeply into it.”

Gunny Sodhi, Operations/Marketing, Ayush Herbs, Inc., Redmond, WA

Changes in My Everyday Life

In only a few months of listening and using the workbook, but especially with the coaching of Tim McCavitt, I have seen changes in my everyday life. From losing the cravings to eat things that I shouldn’t, to the ability to fall asleep without the aid of pills, to feeling happier and more optimistic about the future, I feel that The Sedona Method has improved my life and I will continue to use it as a part of my daily routine. Thank you Tim and The Sedona Method.”

Paul W., International Sales, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Positive Impact on Work and Family

For over ten years I have worked as a real estate broker and Realtor in the Greater Rochester area of New York State. My first introduction to The Sedona Method was in December 2007. Shortly thereafter, my wife and I purchased the CD course and we began the journey. The more we learned about The Sedona Method and the releasing techniques, the more we applied them to our personal, family and professional lives. It has made a tremendous difference.

In June 2009 , my wife and I attended our first Sedona Method Retreat. While at the retreat, Tim McCavitt was introduced to the attendees as “an outstanding local Realtor”. (I did not realize until later that he was also an outstanding Sedona Method Coach.) At one of the subsequent breaks, I made the point of introducing myself to Tim. I was very interested in his perspective and application of The Sedona Method, especially because of our common business interests. From that brief meeting, Tim and I have remained in contact. His guidance and coaching of The Sedona Method have had a tremendous impact on my life.

With Tim’s assistance, I have been able to improve my focus on (and ultimately, the enjoyment of) my work. His guidance has helped me to apply The Sedona Method and calm my thoughts and emotions surrounding the “ups and downs” of the industry as well as those associated with individual transactions. He has also helped me to help my clients, as they struggle with the often emotionally charged process of buying or selling their home.

Being a small business owner and the primary source of income for my family, this calming effect has impacted my family in many positive ways. I am able to “coach” our seven-year-old son to “release” on his fear of the dark. My wife and I have been able to “coach” each other to “release” on thoughts and emotions that had only created more emotions and anxiety in our relationship.

Tim’s calm demeanor and subtle sense of humor is disarming. With each interaction, he instantly creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence. His familiarity with the processes and his ability to skillfully apply them is nothing less than masterful. I highly recommend Tim and his coaching of The Sedona Method!”

Jay Benesh, MS, MBA, REALTOR/Assoc. Broker, RE/MAX Advance, Fairport, NY

Let Go of Paranoia and Learned to Trust

I gained the value and importance of trusting. I struggle with believing my own thoughts. I let go of my paranoia and I looked at the glass half full. I let go of the little things that can be fixed. I realized to stay present and that things don’t have to get done at this second. I really like The Sedona Method. Thanks, Tim and Annrika.”

Victoria, age 17, Therapeutic Boarding School, AZ

Assurance and Confidence

Assurance and confidence allow me to feel great while giving without timidity and hesitation, and be grateful and happy for what I receive. Thank you! I can be comfortable around other people. I can be deserving and have a lot to give. You two are truly amazing people. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, love and support that you share every day and each time you visit us.”

Courtney, age 15, Therapeutic Boarding School, AZ

Lighter and At Peace

I really gained a lot from this experience. I really thought a lot, let go a lot. I feel a lot lighter. I also felt really at peace even though all day I felt just really tense and uptight. I really enjoyed it…thank you very much.”

Anna Beth, age 15, Therapeutic Boarding School, AZ

Released Years of Emotional Baggage

While living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I met Tim and Annrika. One evening we went to dinner and as I shared some feelings of frustration, they gently shared the basics of effortless freedom that The Sedona Method offers. What struck me instantly was that all of our feelings are the result of wants and the corresponding feelings of lack; that these wants are the very foundation and cause of suffering.

On their second trip, they brought me The Sedona Method book and the CD/DVD set. Annrika and I had regular coaching sessions by phone which facilitated the releasing of years of emotional baggage, tendencies and programs that restrained my ability to be happy. I diligently did the exercises and little by little became lighter and calmer.

I have tried many, many ways to address my emotions and faulty thinking over the years, and find The Sedona Method the simplest and most effective avenue to clarity and present awareness. I am eternally grateful to Tim and Annrika for their generous sharing and coaching of The Sedona Method.”

Sara Wasserman, Therapist, Long Beach, CA

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