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Sedona Method Summer Coaching Special

It's the Season for Our Summer Coaching Special:

Get 5 half-hour private coaching sessions with Annrika or Tim for
only $325.00 (regularly $437.50).
 An additional complimentary
consultation / session is also included for new clients. This special 
offer is only available for purchase until July 31st! (No expiration date
on the sessions).

If you have the desire to deepen your practice of The Sedona Method,
we invite you to make the commitment and give yourself an on-going 
series of private one-on-one coaching sessions with us. The focus and
dedication you put into your exploration and releasing can propel you
to greater and greater levels of awareness, allowing for appropriate 
action to flow into all areas of your life. No one can do it for you — 
however, we are here to support you in doing it for yourself! Discover 
the true source of happiness and wellbeing.

Here are several comments we wanted to share with you that attest to
the power and benefit of ongoing coaching:

"After the last session I applied all I learned (mainly about leading with
my heart…makes it so much easier to get in touch with the sense it's 
about me) and my results have been incredible. I'd say with a day or so
of quietly 'asking my heart', 80% of the pain of my ex-girlfriend has 
gone now which is just invaluable. I feel like a lot of my confidence 
has been restored and my life is getting back on track. Could it get any
better? I'm eager to find out!" T. M., Perth, Australia

"I've been increasingly peaceful around money, since after our first call.
Deeper so after the second one. This is a calmness I haven't felt for a long
time. It's like my job is to set goals (or not), enjoy what I'm doing and then 
not bother about the rest. Co-incidentally, that's the state from which stuff 
seems to be happening. Money's just been pouring in and while (for some 
reason) I'm not particularly attached to that, or dwelling on it too much, it's
still a good thing. 🙂 I know we are only two calls in, but thanks for all you
have helped me effortlessly release so far. I'm already so glad that we got
in touch, and I appreciate how space-giving you are. H.G., Mumbai, India

"Annie, thank you so much for the guidance! I haven't done any releasing 
since yesterday's session, but I have felt things continue to break up and

release on their own in a serious fashion. 🙂 Today I am feeling more "alive" 
than I've felt in months. Life is exciting again for
 no reason at all. I have made
some tremendous gains in the past 9 months
 since working intensively with you
and also at the retreats, but even throughout all that
 progress, I haven't felt as
effortlessly free, happy and alive as I do right now.
 I am grateful for this amazing
reminder of what life is."
 Mike L., San Francisco

"Tim, I have enjoyed our sessions and could very happily have 2 or 3 a week,
yet I am finding that I am more and more able to do it myself. You have helped
me so much, and I have found the Support Call recordings have been great as
well." Shanti B., Albany, Australia

Whether you are a newcomer to the Sedona Method or a seasoned releaser,
we invite you to open to all the best life has to offer and enjoy being naturally
in the flow. Let this summer be the beginning of a whole new way of being!

Warm regards,

Annrika and Tim,

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