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Sedona Method Australia Retreat 2017

The Sedona Method Australia Retreat is presented by Sedona Method Licensed Instructors Annrika James and Tim McCavitt, with 40 years experience with The Sedona Method.

The Sedona Method Australia Retreat

“Practical Freedom and Ultimate Freedom”

Brisbane, June 9th – 13th, 2017

th-8Our 5-Day Retreats are the most powerful way to immerse yourself in and benefit from The Sedona Method. 

There are two great ways to experience this retreat. You can use this focused time as a way to eliminate suffering and awaken to your true nature, trusting in the power that knows the way. You can also use it as a powerful exploration of your goals – as a way to gain clarity on your goals and see through the illusions that either motivate your goals or prevent you from achieving them.

In addition to releasing with two Instructors who worked closely with Lester Levenson, the founder of the Method, you also benefit significantly from releasing with partners. Engaging in one-on-one releasing partnerships on personal issues and goals is extremely liberating for both partners – as you help others, you also spontaneously release on a very deep level.

Ultimately, we all have one goal or purpose – to wake up from the illusion of separation and limitation and open to the underlying unity that is right here, right now. The more we surrender to the power that is the way and allow it to act through us, the more freedom and abundance on every level.

“It’s the loveliest feeling to feel so unburdened after this retreat from the twists and tangles of all my so-called drama. I feel lighter and happier, and the tasks in my life feel so much more achievable and even more attractive. In a matter of minutes, for each “issue”, I was able to let go of what I had thought were big, ugly, deep-seated, serious problems. It was so funny and wonderful to be suddenly free of all that baggage. The sense of freedom and light is marvelous.” Ali, Sydney

“I attended a retreat with Tim and Annrika back in 2011, and now this one in 2016. In between I was working on releasing, but I have to say it is just so much more powerful releasing with other people in an environment supportive of it. So much so that something I’d been working to release for 6 months dropped away by itself in a couple of minutes. If you’re someone who’s been releasing for a while, or brand new, come along to a live retreat. You’ll be glad you did.” Sanjiv, Brisbane

“The feeling of anxiety around the future has disappeared. I have more freedom – I’m enjoying just being and choosing to do things rather than feeling driven to do them. I realized just how focused I had been on my “problems” whilst missing all the solutions, alternatives and the infinite power that surrounds and supports me. I feel clearer, present and excited about the future.” Euan, Perth

“The retreat helped me to get in touch with core programming that has had me in a straight-jacket for most of my life. Stuff came up and was released, until I felt really cleansed. The process is still working, un-ravelling even more, and I’m feeling really alive and connected to everything. I have been releasing for two years and thought I was doing alright, but this retreat took me to a much deeper level. It also connected me to so many wonderful, like-minded people from around Australia whom I might otherwise never have met.” Ruki, Melbourne

“I’m finding that my releases are occuring with so much ease and feel more complete. I have gained greater insight into my being and feel better equipped and more at ease with the prospect of assisting others to release. Also more aware of things I can do differently to optimize my helping potential.” Jacqui, Orange

“I have come to realize that I have been holding on to guilt of old failed friendships and relationships. I ended these for the right reasons but I still felt guilt and was resisting love – only I didn’t know this consciously. It only came up when doing one of the exercises and it was overwhelming – in a good way. This insight alone excites me.” Bryce, Melbourne

“I feel more centered, loving, peaceful and in the flow. I met some great releasers and perfect partners to release with. Thank you Annrika and Tim for your love and support and for coming out to Australia and expanding the releasing community here.” Navid, Sydney

“I came to this course with a heavy, disturbed mind, wandering over negative beliefs and trying to put a happy face over it all. I am now feeling happy, calm and undisturbed. I have noted a shift with my relationship with my partner in a positive way. I have received offers for new job opportunities; even the top officials are relating to me on a new level. I have accomplished 100% that I looked forward to from this retreat.” Chandan, VIC

“Thank you for the opportunity to wake up to the fact that I have been spending so much time in resistance, and resisting it. It was also so nice to be able to unlock my own unhappiness when doing some partner work, more so when helping my partners than the other way around – what a surprise this was! I feel renewed in using The Sedona Method, which I was forgetting to use while on the treadmill of life.” Francoise, Brisbane

“I am very relaxed and laughing a lot. I found that Tim and Annrika’s teaching methods are simple and to the point and made the Method easier to understand. Although I am in the early stages of my releasing life I can certainly say that it is the most practical method I have encountered and I look forward to what the future will bring with releasing in my life.” Shannon, Moranbah

“Now I can see clearly how I can help myself – I feel more confidence and have a better idea of how to word my goals. The Method takes the “heaviness” out of personal development and even makes it fun. I am happy that I came, made the step, and am really, really grateful!!” Susanne, Cairns

“As a life coach who has successfully facilitated clients to let go of their emotional luggage and limitations, it is a delight to now have a tool that I can use to easily and effectively release my own limitations and emotions, at any time, anywhere on my own. It is also an invaluable tool to use with my clients, family and friends.” Marcia, Brisbane

This Retreat is open to everyone, newcomers and experienced releasers (see Recommended below). The Retreat is highly recommended for health professionals and those in the helping professions. A Certificate of Attendance to confirm professional development hours will be made available. 

Dates: Friday, June 9, 2017, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm, Saturday – Tuesday, June 10 – 13, 2017, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Recommended: Some experience with The Sedona Method through “The Sedona Method” book, or The Sedona Method audio program.

Retreat Price: $1144.00 USD  (Use PayPal button below)   

Venue: United Service Club, 183 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane Queensland 4000

Limited guestrooms w/bath offered (inc. breakfast + tax) at group discount (based on availability, until May 31st): Twin Room 179.00 AUD, Single 142.00 AUD.  To reserve, contact Narelle: OR  Tel: 07 3831 4433, refer “Sedona Group”

Alternative Lodging Option (next door to the Retreat venue): Best Western Astor Metropole 

Retreat Cancellation Policy: Cancel (for any reason) thirty to fourteen days before the event: $500.00 cancellation fee, as well as applicable PayPal transaction/refund fees. Cancel (for any reason) within fourteen days of the event: no refund.

Please note: You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay online, even though your payment will be processed through the PayPal system. Simply choose the credit card you’d like to use, and your payment will be secure and encrypted. Sedona Releasing Worldwide will not see your credit card information, nor will it be shared with any third party.

Yes, register me for The Sedona Method Australia Retreat, in Brisbane, June 9 – 13, 2017, Retreat Price: $1144.00 USD 

Sedona Method Australia Retreat, BRISBANE

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