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Sedona Method Australia Intensive 2015

The Australia Intensive in Brisbane combines two powerful Sedona Method Seminars:

Part 1: Effortless Freedom, October 9, 10 & 11, 2015

Part 2: Transforming Your World, October 12 & 13, 2015




Part 1: Effortless Freedom: “Naturally, life should be totally effortless. There is no effort in life whatsoever when we are just being our natural Self.” Lester Levenson

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to open to the natural Beingness that you are. The Sedona Method is now such an exquisitely effortless moment-to-moment living experience, far more than simply processing the seemingly endless array of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that arise in a given day. The new material and processes featured in the recent Sedona Retreats are reflected in all our Seminars and Intensives. This Seminar supports you in letting go of non-productive patterns and beliefs to a clear understanding and direct experience of that which is already effortlessly present, your natural Self, and provides you with practical ways of bringing Effortless Freedom into your life.

  • Have an inner sense of confidence and wellbeing regardless of life’s challenges
  • Enjoy greater ease and effectiveness while in action
  • Have positive, harmonious and supportive relationships
  • Live a healthy, balanced, natural lifestyle
  • Accomplish your goals in less time with less effort
  • Have more abundance and success in all areas of your life

“Discovering and releasing a core belief has been very powerful for me. I never fully realised before the energy I used to put into that belief, so it was fantastic to let go of that and all the baggage associated with it. At this intensive many issues or problems seemed to dissolve on their own, even just in the telling of them, even before doing any so-called “work” on them. So, it was great to let go of effort, in solving or releasing “problems”. There’s lovely freedom beyond all those mind concepts, to a real sense of ease and rest.” Ali, Sydney

“I feel much clearer, more centered and alive…my spontaneity has returned. I feel much more secure in the sense that I have experienced a freer approach to dealing with life’s challenges, and that I now have a useful tool I can use on my own.” Gregg, Brisbane

“My major gain…I released my fear of speaking up one on one where a situation in my life had a contentious issue of a personal nature. I would previously have avoided the person rather than have the confidence to raise the issue for open conversation. I do not feel this fear even exists for me anymore. Thank you!” Christine S., Manly

“I’m feeling calmer and more accepting of what’s happening, allowing my body to relax and being connected to its needs without tension or expectations. I’m rather enjoying the flow and letting life happen as it does.” Kamil, Reid

“I have released many inhibitions, beliefs and sorrowful feelings in this course. My body and mind are so much lighter. Many, many thanks.” Louise S., Sydney

“Amazing sense of awareness, allowing feeling to come up in a safe and loving environment, allowing me to be more fully in the loveliness of truly being in harmony with myself, letting go of fears about life, and embracing the moment.” Susan P., Mackay

Whether a newcomer or experienced releaser, this seminar is a powerful leap forward in your practice and enjoyment of The Sedona Method. We’ll be using all the basic tools of The Sedona Method, with special emphasis on Triple Welcoming and introduction of The 5th Way. Every live Sedona Method seminar you attend deepens your commitment, focus, and direct experience of your true nature and unlimited potential. It is highly recommended for health professionals and those in the helping professions. A Certificate of Attendance to confirm professional development hours will be made available. 

Dates: Friday, October 9, 2015, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday, October 10 & 11, 2015, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Recommended: Some experience with The Sedona Method through “The Sedona Method” book, or The Sedona Method audio program.

Seminar Price: $597.00 USD

Part 2: Transforming Your World: This second seminar naturally builds on the work we do together in Part 1: Effortless Freedom, showing you how to truly support yourself as you support others with releasing. When you move in the direction of freely helping others, you are supporting yourself. “It’s a fast track to freedom!” Lester Levenson

  • The Sedona Method is such a beautiful technique because we are able to deal with life with these tools, while realising the truth of who we are. These two days are devoted to hands on, one-on-one releasing exercises and partnerships in a safe and supportive environment, bringing greater clarity and a deeper confidence with all the tools of The Sedona Method.
  • This seminar is an invitation to you to get clear within yourself about what you are, and what you are not. Most of us are more interested in what was and what might be, and our stories about who we believe we are, and our supposed problems, than what is actually here now. As you explore what is here now with your releasing partners, you and they will discover wonderful qualities about what is…that which is already whole, complete and perfect right within you.
  • This is also a wonderful opportunity to explore further with your partners The 5th Way of releasing, to see through the illusion of separation to the natural Beingness that both you and your partners already are.

We invite you to transform your world…expand your releasing community, and discover a whole new way of living:

“These last two days of the Intensive made it more clear and a big difference. Now I can SEE THROUGH, I can work and help myself. How to ask the questions, and feel more confidence. The Sedona Method is a powerful step, it takes “the heaviness” out of personal development and makes it more fun. I am really, really grateful!” Susanne M., Cairns

“I’ve deepened my understanding of how to apply The Sedona Method, especially the 5th Way, to both myself and others. I’ve also been able to fill in some gaps in my knowledge of its application which were previously limiting my progress.” T.M., Perth

“I am truly feeling fantastic, free, comfortable. I can see through the nonsense of irritations of life so much better–I don’t get lost in them. I have attuned to the togetherness of my fellow beings so much in the last four and a half days. To me it feels like being trees of the same forest. Loving it. Thank you. “ Francoise K., Brisbane

“I feel so much more comfortable with releasing, and am finding that my releases are occuring with so much ease and feel more complete. I feel better equipped and more at ease with the prospect of assisting others to release, also more aware of things I could do differently to optimise my helping potential. Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable four and a half days!” Jacqui W., Orange

“This Intensive helped me to get in touch with core programming that has had me in a straightjacket for most of my life. As the ‘stuff’ came up and was released, more kept coming up until I felt really cleansed. I’m starting to feel really alive and connected to everything. I have been releasing for two years and thought I was doing alright, but this workshop took me to a much deeper level. It also connected me to so many wonderful like-minded people from around Australia whom I might otherwise never have met.” Ruki B., Melbourne

This seminar is open to everyone with direct experience of The Sedona Method; completion of Part 1: Effortless Freedom, or any other recent live Sedona Method seminar or retreat presented by Licensed Sedona Method Instructors. This Intensive is highly recommended for health professionals and those in the helping professions. A Certificate of Attendance to confirm professional development hours will be made available. 

Dates: Monday and Tuesday, October 12 & 13, 2015, 9:30am – 5:30pm

Seminar Price: $547.00 USD      

Australia Intensive Price: $1144.00 USD    Register for both Seminars: Effortless Freedom AND Transforming Your World, Use separate Paypal button below.

This unique Australia Intensive features the latest developments of The Sedona Method and provides one-on-one support and guidance by two Sedona Method Licensed Instructors with nearly 40 years experience with this life-changing technique. We invite you to join us for this liberating, fun Intensive in the warm and welcoming capital of Queensland: Brisbane.

Venue: United Service Club, 183 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane Queensland 4000                                        Tel: 07 3831 4433

Limited discounted guest rooms w/ bath offered (includes breakfast + tax) based on availability: Double / Twin = $179.00/night  Single = $142/night  To reserve: contact Tarnya Antoun, OR  Tel: 07  3834 3627, refer “Sedona Group”

Alternative Lodging Option (next door to the Intensive venue): Best Western Astor Metropole 

Seminar Cancellation Policy: Cancellation (for any reason) prior to fourteen days before Seminar/Intensive  start date: full refund minus $250.00 per Seminar, $500.00 cancellation fee per Intensive, as well as applicable PayPal transaction/refund fees.. Cancellation (for any reason) less than fourteen days prior to Seminar/Intensive start date: no refund.

Please note: You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay online, even though your payment will be processed through the PayPal system. Simply choose the credit card you’d like to use, and your payment will be secure and encrypted. Sedona Releasing Worldwide will not see your credit card information, nor will it be shared with any third party.

Yes, register me for Effortless Freedom, in Brisbane, October 9-11, 2015. Price: $597.00 USD

Effortless Freedom, BRISBANE

 Yes, register me for Transforming Your World, in Brisbane, October 12-13, 2015.  Price: $547.00 USD

Transforming Your World, BRISBANE

Yes, register me for the AUSTRALIA INTENSIVE,  both Seminars: Effortless Freedom, in Brisbane, October 9-11, 2015, AND Transforming Your World, October 12 & 13, 2015  Price $1144.00 USD

Australia Intensive (Both Seminars)

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