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Letting Go

Love is a Power.

“Love is a power. It is the cohesive force of the universe.”Lester Levenson

Love is our natural state of being, expressed as compassion and loving kindness…yet how often do we tap this force for good in our lives? How we feel about ourselves has a tremendous impact on how we relate to others and the world, and how the world relates to us. The world truly is an accurate reflection of our consciousness. Being loving of ourselves and letting go of our un-loving conditioning around this transforms our attitude to self, to being, to life itself.
You can easily, naturally let go of any non-love feeling, thought or belief. How? The Sedona Method. This simple, elegant, powerful tool allows you to tap into your natural ability to let go, to release, self-imposed negativity that is a block to having the kind of  harmonious, abundant and love-filled life you aspire to. For more details and to find out where a live Seminar is being offered worldwide, click here.

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