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16 Best Low to No Cost Gifts to Give this Holiday

More than half of Americans (51%) plan to spend less this year on holiday gifts than they did last year, a recent ABC News poll has found. Of them, 31% say they will spend 'a lot less' this year. This is actually a blessing in disguise for two reasons. One, it will keep a lot of people from wasting money this holiday season, and finding themselves up to their ears in debt come January. Two, and perhaps more importantly, it drives people to look for more creative, and more meaningful, ways to show they care. Anyone can go to a store and buy a sweater, wristwatch or toy, but giving a gift from your heart is something only you can do. As the old saying goes, the best things in life really are free, and this applies to gifts as well! 

Here we’ve listed the top gift ideas that will help you spread holiday cheer without spending your entire month’s pay. We think you’ll like these ideas so much that you’ll want to use them every year, even when the economy is booming! 1. A week’s worth of home-cooked meals (either freeze them in meal-size containers or cook them fresh each night). 2. Gift certificates for a year’s worth of massages (from you to your spouse) 3. Doing extra household chores for three months (a great gift from kids to parents) 4. Dig up an old treasured photo and put it in a special frame 5.Organize your friend’s closet, kitchen, garage, basement, etc. 6. Bake big batches of cookies, fudge and other holiday treats, then divide them up for gifts 7. Write your spouse a love letter, and present it signed and framed 8. Copy down your favorite recipes onto index cards, tie them in a bundle and give them to anyone who likes to cook 9. Pass a family heirloom along to someone close to you 10. Give someone the gift of your time … to tutor, baby sit, help with cleaning, wash their car, whatever the receiver would appreciate the most 11. Practical gift cardsin small amounts (for things like gas and groceries) will be very much appreciated this year 12. Gift certificates for inexpensive outings (a long hike in the woods, a picnic in a park, a campout in the backyard) 13. A special book or other hard-to-find, yet inexpensive, item that you have tracked down especially for the recipient 14. Clippings or transplants from your houseplants and garden make great gifts for garden enthusiasts 15. Create something artistic (a painting, scrapbook or other craft) 16. Give The Sedona Method, a unique gift that your friends and family will truly appreciate
 “The Sedona Method is a terrific gift for any time of the year because, no cliché intended, it is truly the gift that keeps on giving,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates. “Once someone learns how to use The Sedona Method they find that they naturally continue to use it and gain increasing benefits over time.” “If you think about most of the gifts you give during the holiday season you probably notice that they are either given out of obligation or they are not fully appreciated,” he says. “However, when you give someone The Sedona Method and they use it to improve their lives you'll find that they'll be grateful and happy about the gift for many years to come.” The Sedona Method is a gift that also quickly pays for itself. It relieves people’s emotional turmoil, which will ultimately translate into advances in career, relationships, health and life as a whole. Now that is a truly priceless gift! 
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Happy Holidays…and Happy Releasing!  Tim

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