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M.D. and Life Coach Uses TSM for Her Clients and Herself

This medical doctor and life coach shares how she uses The Sedona Method to help her clients get rid of their emotional baggage–and how she uses it on herself.

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Brisbane Naturopath finds Sedona Method getting better & better!

In this video of the Sedona Method a Brisbane Naturopath finds the Sedona Method getting better and better in his experience.

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We are back from Australia! A great visit…and we will return next year!

Annrika and I have been back now for a couple of weeks from a successful and enjoyable visit to Australia! Seminars in Western Australia (Albany, five hours south of Perth) and in Brisbane, Queensland were received with great enthusiasm  by folks familiar with the Sedona Method and newcomers alike! Everyone we spent time with at the Seminars was terrific…and the gains and comments from all participants pointed to an appreciation of the power and ease of the Sedona Method as currently presented…and "how beneficial being in a live group setting with experienced and skilled facilitators like Annrika and Tim" can be! We plan on making another trip to Oz next year; there's a core group of Sedona Method practitioners there now…and we would like to continue […]

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Keith from Perth: the Sedona Method Book & CDs are good…

Keith shares the benefits of his attending the recent Sedona Method Seminars in Albany, Western Australia!…but there's so much more (to be gained) from a live course with Annrika & Tim!

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Western Australia Mom and professional shares her experience of a live Sedona Method Seminar: so much better than doing it at home!

Join Pip as she speaks about how much betterparticipation in a 'live' Sedona Method seminar with a group of people and with skilled facilitators is; so much better than attempting a 'linear course' at home by herself!

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Perth professional finds anxiety is gone…relaxation and calm are his experience now!

Constant anxiety is gone, and Euan finds himself more present, more energized, and free to laugh…As a professional in property management, he has found that The Sedona Method provided him with the freedom 'to delegate, rather than take things on board"…with great results: here's the one word text message he got from his boss after he delegated to others (and allowed them to do their best):  "PERFECT"!

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Brisbane teacher and Mom experiences awakening to peace and calm!

Join Jennifer, a newcomer to the Sedona Method, as she describes her 'awakening to peace and calmness' while paricipating in theBrisbane Living Letting Go Seminar in May!

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In CELEBRATION of THE SEDONA METHOD in AUSTRALIA The dates for bringing The Sedona Method to Australia for the first time are almost upon us, so, in celebration of the interest we are seeing and to mark this special occasion we have decided to offer Special Pricing for the next week, until April 25th: Sedona Method/Living Letting Go Seminar: $395.00 (Reg. $445) Sedona Method Coach Level One Training: $495.00 (Reg. $545) Register for BOTH Seminars (LLG & CL1): $695.00 (Reg. $990)  Join us in Albany, Western Australia's oldest European settlement, featuring some of Australia's most rugged and spectacular scenery. Or, join us in Brisbane; balmy, tropical, cosmopolitan, close to Australia's famous Gold Coast.! For all the details and to register visit our website: The schedule is as follows: Albany, W.A.: April 30-May […]

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Melbourne medical professional recommends The Sedona Method!

Tony shares some of his gains from using The Sedona Method both personally and professionally. His candor and ease of sharing is genuine and honest, as he speaks about how the Method allows him to address (and release) strong feelings and reactions, on the spot, allowing him to do his job better…and allowing him to be a better listener! The Sedona Method is coming to Albany W.A.  April 30-May 3 and Brisbane May 7-10, 2011. Interested?  Visit upcoming Sedona Method course schedule

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Australian Teacher sees great benefit in The Sedona Method for teachers and students!

Join Colleen from Western Australia as she shares some of her perspectives on The Sedona Method and the many benefits for teachers and students! She confidently shares how using the Sedona method can help her when she's doing her job (allowing her to better be there for her students)….and how The Sedona Method can help students deal with and eliminate the pressures they face as teens and as students. Colleen invtes fellow Australians to attend the upcoming Sedona Method Seminars in Albany and Brisbane in April/May. Interested? Visit: for details on how to register in these "first time in Australia" seminars!

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