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It’s Just a Decision

“It’s just a decision.” That’s all you need to know, understand or remember when the question ‘Could I let this feeling go?’ or ‘Could I change this feeling to love?’ is posed to your heart. It’s that simple, easy and profound! There’s no reason to wait… ‘Could you allow your heart to lead the way?’ Lots of love, Tim and Annie    

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Love is a Power.

“Love is a power. It is the cohesive force of the universe.”Lester Levenson Love is our natural state of being, expressed as compassion and loving kindness…yet how often do we tap this force for good in our lives? How we feel about ourselves has a tremendous impact on how we relate to others and the world, and how the world relates to us. The world truly is an accurate reflection of our consciousness. Being loving of ourselves and letting go of our un-loving conditioning around this transforms our attitude to self, to being, to life itself. You can easily, naturally let go of any non-love feeling, thought or belief. How? The Sedona Method. This simple, elegant, powerful tool allows you to tap into your natural ability […]

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The Art of Letting Go: A 3 Day Virtual Retreat

Dear All, We're pleased to announce a unique global event! Leading practitioners in Letting Go are coming together  Tuesday July 16th – Thursday July 18th, 2013 for: A 3 Day Virtual Retreat: The Art of Letting Go                  If you are interested in living free of limitation, letting go is the "how to." Letting go is the ageless, natural ability we  all have to discover the inner peace that we are, supporting ourselves, our loved ones, our world. We'll be sharing our perspective on: "Welcoming the Flow of Life" and exploring with you the simple and profound power of letting go with The Sedona Method. Here's some of what can be gained: A taste of how to let go with The Sedona Method […]

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Ah, Summer! That time of year for all sorts of activities, sports and events: there's golf, tennis, picnicking, hiking, sailing, swimming, gardening, camping, sight-seeing and shopping, just to name a few. Our interests are so varied–seems like there's just so much to do and see, and we'll eagerly drive, fly, walk and cycle to get there! This summer, however, instead of looking to the rounds of golf, the days at the lake, the deluxe ten day cruise, or beachcombing at the seashore for satisfaction and enjoyment why not let the activity or event be an opportunity to release? We put off being relaxed and calm until we're in a setting that (in our minds, anyway) will do it for us. And, sometimes, the setting (or getting […]

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The Universality of It All, Again

  After taking part as a facilitator in our recent Sedona Method Seminars (Beyond Letting Go and Transforming Your World 2) in Sydney, Australia and London, England these past couple months, I am repeatedly struck by one thing that runs like a golden thread through all the stories and drama and struggle and suffering that are effortlessly and quickly dissolved by the folks who decide to "get themselves into the room" and join like-minded, like-hearted others in letting go. That one thing: just how universal it all is… Sure there are differences in people (age, language, skin tones, names, body types, personality, etc.), but the universal sameness is so undeniable. Feelings are the same…everywhere. And they are not facts…and they are not who we are…and we […]

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More ‘Road Trips Releasing Tips’ Comments!

"I am LOVING your Letting Go videos; so positive and encouraging and playful." Vanessa M., Durango Colorado If you haven't opted in to receive our "Road Trip Releasing Tips", we invite you to…whether you are a "newbie' to The Sedona Method or a longtime releaser, our tips have a bit of something for everyone….plus they are free! Enjoy!

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16 Best Low to No Cost Gifts to Give this Holiday

More than half of Americans (51%) plan to spend less this year on holiday gifts than they did last year, a recent ABC News poll has found. Of them, 31% say they will spend 'a lot less' this year. This is actually a blessing in disguise for two reasons. One, it will keep a lot of people from wasting money this holiday season, and finding themselves up to their ears in debt come January. Two, and perhaps more importantly, it drives people to look for more creative, and more meaningful, ways to show they care. Anyone can go to a store and buy a sweater, wristwatch or toy, but giving a gift from your heart is something only you can do. As the old saying […]

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