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Confidence: An Infinite, Boundless Supply

Confidence. Contrary to popular belief, we’re actually all born with equal amounts of it — an infinite, boundless supply that even defies ownership. Unfortunately,  we’ve been struggling with a few mis-conceptions about it: that confidence comes from somewhere (or something), or that it has to be cultivated or earned, or that it only comes with accomplishment and success, even that it has to look a certain way: audacious, assertive, bold. Truth be told, confidence has always been here, quietly within — but buried, covered over by layers of limitation, in the form of negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When I met Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind The Sedona Method, his first words to me resonated deeply, “You are an unlimited, loving being…and that is simply […]

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Opening to Love, Life and Relationships

Opening to Love, Life, and Relationships – Pasadena, California February 21, 22 & 23, 2014 The Sedona Method is a tremendously powerful tool for improving our life and relationships. Contrary to popular belief, it’s never our life’s circumstances, or another person, that is holding us back from being happy and living a harmonious life, no matter how much it appears that way. Most of us have accumulated a lot of baggage from past experiences, and we often assume that because life has been a certain way it will continue to be that way. This seminar allows you to address and release all the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that have been holding you back from embracing life and having full abundance. By simply opening your mind […]

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Sedona Method Support: What Does It Look Like?

    Sedona Method Support: What Does It Look Like?   The dictionary provides a broad description of the word 'support', perhaps the best synonyms might be 'maintain' or 'advocacy'…but we all have our own sense of what support is. In terms of The Sedona Method, though, there are a number of ways to get (and give ) support. Here are a few: Get a releasing partner. It's a great way to create an ongoing releasing connection with someone who has The Sedona Method and realizes the benefit of releasing with another person on a regular basis. It's amazingly rewarding to be there for another in this supportive role…and of course, to be asked the releasing questions. Begin each day with releasing. In the morning, […]

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How to Let Go: Regaining Your Natural Buddha Baby Abilities

If you are reading this and under the age of two, you are extraordinary! Under two years old and you can read! Wow! Most children two and under, universally, have no interest in reading, or anything, for that matter, other than being. They do exercise an ability, however, that is quite ordinary, quite natural to them (but either overlooked, forgotten or sought after by the giants around them): the babes naturally, intuitively, and constantly "know" how to let go. They are absolute masters on how to let go! If you've got kids or grandkids, and you've spent any time observing the 'littlies, you know what I mean. Feelings and sensations just pass through the little guys…there's no holding on, no resistance…they simply allow whatever is […]

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