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Annrika James

Annrika attributes her success and love of life to The Sedona Method. She was introduced to her mentor and friend Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind The Sedona Method, in 1976 shortly after arriving in the U.S. from her home in England and worked with him and the organization as an instructor for 16 years, and is now aligned with Sedona Training Associates. She has worked closely with Hale Dwoskin, Director of Training on the Coaching Program. She teaches and coaches exclusively with The Sedona Method throughout the U.S., England, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and Southeast Asia including Singapore, Indonesia and Japan.

“I took Lester’s teachings to heart and have applied them in all areas of my life for the past 40+ years.” She has also enjoyed a successful career as a professional artist in the interior design field and, together with her husband Tim, made numerous rewarding real estate investments.

In 2009, Annrika co-founded Sedona Releasing Worldwide, with her husband Tim McCavitt. She is a Sedona Method Senior Licensed Instructor and Certified Coach through Sedona Training Associates.

Annrika, your low-key helpful touch was a great force in making it such a unique experience.”

Dennis Owocki, DDS, Michigan

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IMG_0767Tim McCavitt

Tim was introduced to Lester Levenson and The Sedona Method in 1978 and has made it an integral part of his life ever since. He brings a successful background in the performing arts, TV/film production, real estate sales and investment to his teaching. He worked with Lester for five years developing an extensive retreat center in Sedona, Arizona. Tim’s private clients  include world class athletes, Hollywood screenwriters, international entrepreneurs, corporate managers, health professionals, and university students all across the globe: Bahrain, Kuwait, India, Hong Kong, U.K., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hungary, U.S., Malta, Monaco, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Ireland and Norway.

In 2009, Tim co-founded Sedona Releasing Worldwide, with his wife Annrika James. He is a Sedona Method Licensed Instructor and Certified Coach through Sedona Training Associates, teaching Sedona Method Seminars worldwide with Annrika.

In only a few months of listening and using the workbook, but especially with the coaching of Tim McCavitt, I have seen changes in my everyday life. From losing the cravings to eat things that I shouldn’t, to the ability to fall asleep without the aid of pills, to feeling happier and more optimistic about the future, I feel that The Sedona Method has improved my life and I will continue to use it as a part of my daily routine. Thank you Tim and The Sedona Method.”

Paul W., International Sales, Rio de Janiero, Brazil  

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Annrika and Tim have facilitated releasing sessions at the Alternative to Meds Center in Sedona, a detox treatment center for prescription drug addiction. They provided the residents with a gentle way to easily address and release the emotional content of their stories–as well as the feelings that go along with them, such as anxiety, depression, self-judgment and guilt.
Tim and Annie have also made periodic visits to facilitate releasing at a therapeutic girls boarding school near Sedona. “It’s wonderful to watch the burdened, anxious faces of these teens lighten and brighten as releasing allows for change in their lives.” Grades and motivation improve hand-in-hand with self-esteem and happiness.

You two are truly amazing people. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, love and support that you share every day and each time you visit us.”

Courtney, age 15
Sedona, AZ

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Free Releasing Support with Tim and Annrika

In addition to private coaching sessions, teaching seminars and corporate trainings around the world in The Sedona Method, Annie and Tim conduct free releasing support calls. Join Annrika and Tim for an hour of valuable releasing support, especially if you are new to releasing. These calls address whatever issue you may have, allowing you to deepen your use and understanding of The Sedona Method.

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