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Follow Nature’s Lead: The Power of Welcoming

Dear All, “The Power of Welcoming” –  L.A. / Pasadena – March 2, 3 & 4, 2018 It is only natural to be welcoming.  Nature shows us profusely and abundantly the simple power of welcoming! Rain or shine, hot or cold, Nature allows and welcomes what is, as it is. Each moment is new, fresh and alive…full of unlimited possibility. Being open is the simplest and most empowering way to be. Welcoming and living life this way is the most joyous and healthful…and bursting with potential! Why not allow your experience of welcoming and letting go to be just as natural? Why not allow your life to be as vibrant, receptive and aligned as the glorious natural world around us that is beginning to stir and renew itself? What do you want to accomplish during this new year? […]

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