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On Depression

Dear All, This was a reply to someone recently who had been experiencing depression and reached out for assistance: “Good to hear you’re feeling better. You have a strong desire for freedom so just keeping allowing yourself to find small things you’re willing to let go…by breaking it down in this way it becomes more manageable to let go. Everyone experiences depression from time to time and we can often be very hard on ourselves for feeling that way. When feeling depressed or vulnerable (or any unpleasant feeling) do your best to love yourself, even a little, and the feeling will start to melt. The only reason we’re stuck in any feeling is because we’re disapproving of ourselves for being reactive. If you can welcome […]

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Beyond Resistance to Abundance

Dear All, Beyond Resistance to Abundance in L.A. / Pasadena, CA – May 5 – 7, 2017 Abundance manifests in many different ways and is all encompassing in its reach: an overflowing cornucopia of natural bounty and beauty. It is alive and authentic, organic and natural. Our skills and talents and unlimited potential are manifestations of abundance. Abundance resonates with words and ideas like joy and love and wisdom—it fosters loving kindness, giving and receiving, acceptance, harmony and peace. Abundance is the limitless, boundless, infinite grace of being flowing from the Source of all Life: the awareness of one’s true Self. When we live in a consciousness of abundance we know that we are enough and that more than enough exists in this world that is constantly expanding. There is no fear or resistance […]

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