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Sedona Method Comes to Singapore

Hi everyone, We wanted to share a little more of our time in Singapore via this photo because it is so inspiring to all of us sharing The Method and supporting others in happiness and freedom around the world. This seminar was organized by two graduates who generously offered their entire staff this wonderful gift. They wanted to share the benefits of releasing, knowing from their personal experience, that the simplicity and powerful of TSM would reap wonderful rewards to those who practice it. These young people, from China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Romania, Brazil, Spain, France, Malaysia & Singapore (average age 27) knew nothing about The Sedona Method until day one. We were joined by 3 of our clients, from Hong Kong, China & Indonesia […]

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More Releasing Support

Dear All, New Additions to Our Support Call Recordings Library!               We’re pleased to announce eight new track additions to our Support Call Recordings Library are now available for your listening, downloading and sharing. As always, the golden thread that runs through all the recordings is, pure and simple, releasing support with The Sedona Method. Some tracks have a title, but you’ll find that there’s much more there than what the title suggests. We will continue to add to the library periodically, so check back from time to time! (New additions are always at the top of the track list.) Whether a newcomer or experienced with The Sedona Method, we invite you to avail yourself of our Support Call Recordings Library. Just like all our lively monthly Support Calls, these recordings are free! “Thank you so much for […]

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2017 – For The Highest Good

Dear All, Happy New Year! We have so much to be thankful for…all beginning with the gift of Life. These days it appears to be a bit more challenging with regard to embracing the ‘family of man’, particularly when the divisiveness of ‘us’ and ‘them’, and the false sense of separation of ‘me’ and ‘other than me’, has become so evident — not just in America, but globally. Our willingness to face the future with eyes wide open, with profound trust and with the joy that living with integrity brings is paramount. Looking at the big picture (in the direction of a rising global consciousness and embracing our Oneness) perhaps in order ‘to make a good soup’ you’ve really got to turn up the heat! All the negativity and perceived selfishness has always been […]

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