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Have the Life You Want, Now

Dear All, Awakening to The Source of Abundance  ALBANY, NEW YORK – October 21-23, 2016  Early Bird Price available until August 31, 2016 In this fast paced, ever-changing, seemingly chaotic world we have a choice: to react automatically to what’s going on around us and be controlled by the thoughts and feelings that arise, or to let go. This may seem counter-intuitive as the tendency is to hold on in the hope that circumstances will change or go away–not only does this cause additional stress, it cuts us off from our natural courageousness and ability to take positive action. Releasing is the solution. The more you let go the better equipped you are to handle whatever is happening now in your life with confidence and ease. You will […]

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Metamorphosis: Australia Intensive

Dear All, Australia Intensive – Brisbane, Australia – September 9-13, 2016 NOTE: Pre-registration Savings until August 6th Everyone appreciates and enjoys the sight of a beautiful butterfly floating in the breeze from flower to flower. It has effortlessly gone through its varied stages of life to complete metamorphosis: from tiny egg, to hungry caterpillar, to the rest and change of chrysalis, finally to emerge as a winged creature of immense beauty and wonder. We too are undergoing our own metamorphosis, yet when we believe we are this body/mind’s experience and mistakenly identify with our story (no matter how negative or positive) we allow it to cover our true nature. We become stuck in perpetuating and feeding this false sense of who we are, and suffer as a consequence. The solution to losing ourselves to any story lies in […]

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