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It’s Just a Decision

“It’s just a decision.” That’s all you need to know, understand or remember when the question ‘Could I let this feeling go?’ or ‘Could I change this feeling to love?’ is posed to your heart. It’s that simple, easy and profound! There’s no reason to wait… ‘Could you allow your heart to lead the way?’ Lots of love, Tim and Annie    

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There’s Nothing Like ‘Live’

Dear All, We cannot speak more highly of the benefits of attending live Sedona Method Seminars. When we first learned The Sedona Method in the 1970’s, there were no books written to learn it from, no CD’s, tapes or mp3’s to support our use of it. It was a pure, hands-on living experience with others on course intent on improving themselves and their lives. As we put ourselves fully into each seminar, focusing on what was being presented by the instructor and everyone releasing, it magnified the whole experience for ourselves, for everyone present. That dynamic has not changed since it’s inception, over all these years, in fact, it’s become more self-evident with each and every Seminar… If you’ve enjoyed learning and practicing The Sedona Method […]

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